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Tenth District State Senator Mary Margaret Haugen has changed.

Tenth District State Senator Mary Margaret Haugen has changed.

I have lived in the Lakewood area for over 26 years. Initially, as I had issues with the Legislature and their policies, I would write Senator Haugen expressing my views. Even though we usually did not agree, Senator Haugen would answer my letters. However, that changed several years ago. My emails and requests for written answers have not been answered: the hearing on the pregnancy crisis centers; the votes on the two-thirds requirement to raise taxes which Senator Haugen voted three times to overturn which is a slap in the face to all Washington voters and then lastly the issue with the ferry workers and their pay arrangement. In fact, Senator Haugen was quoted in the media as saying, “We have known about that for some time” (speaking of the ferry workers travel location compensation). I believe that if you know about a serious issue and do not take immediate action when you find out about it, that failure represents a neglect of duties.

The voters have been patient but given the huge spending increases (33 percent in eight years) along with detrimental cuts to priority services; it is time for the 10th District voters to elect Barbara Bailey to represents us in Olympia as our State Senator.  Accountability is paramount and Barbara Bailey has worked boldly for the people in our District as well as working to get Washington State’s fiscal house back in order. Vote for Barbara Bailey for Senator in the 10th.

Billye Brooks-Sebastiani



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