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I have been a patron and a supporter of the Helping Hands Thrift Store for many years. I can’t tell you how this store has saved me.

I have been a patron and a supporter of the Helping Hands Thrift Store for many years. I can’t tell you how this store has saved me.

I became a single mother of five children and moved to back to the area in 2001. This store helped me stay on my feet. I was able to get school clothes, household items, Christmas presents, Halloween costumes, books — all items we needed to survive and live a relatively normal life.

When I heard that the city was going to tear down the building and seed the area to upgrade the park I thought what the residents need is this valuable store that helps low-income residents and also supports the food bank and other deserving charities. When so many are struggling how could the city think to remove this wonderful place?

One of the articles I read said that the city had to provide their “Core Services”… shouldn’t that include helping support this much needed avenue for people who are out of work or are low-income? My goodness, one of a leader’s first priorities should be helping and encouraging their citizens. People can provide necessities for their families by shopping at Helping Hands and in turn their payment can help others in need.

Although my circumstances have improved I wanted to write this letter to speak up for other families that desperately need Helping Hands. Please find a way to keep this much needed and appreciated facility.

Victoria Yeager


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