Human induced global warming: Philosophy or Science?

In the Arlington Times of July 23, Mr. Bob Graef discussed my previous letter concerning the phony claims of "human induced global warming" made by Green environmentalists. In this Mr. Graef makes a number of errors and incorrect claims.

His first incorrect claim is that the scientific opinions of a large number of scientists as published in peer review journals, public media and on the internet news and discussion sites are akin to body counts made during the Vietnam War. In plain English, Mr. Graef attempts to discredit scientists and research data by claiming their opinions are somehow related to or reflected by illegal and immoral acts of the war in Vietnam.

This is not the first example of Green-claimed human induced global warming as being somehow akin to monstrous war crimes. The Greens frequently refer to opposing scientists as "deniers," i.e., that these scientist's opinions are in the same category as the denial of the holocaust mass murder by Hitler. Both of these slanderous claims demonstrate a lack of ethics within the Green community. They cannot win in an open debate so they revert to slander and defamation.

As to his claim on the numbers of scientists supporting naturally occurring climatic warming, for years the Greens have claimed the majority of scientists arrived at a consensus concerning the causes of "global warming" and that this consensus support their claim of human induced current climatic conditions. When Green claims have been demonstrated to be wrong by the expressed opinions of 32,000 scientists holding opposing views, all of a sudden numbers do not count.

As for the support claimed by major scientific journals, recently a major physics journal, after receiving numerous complaints by members, has publicly stated that claims of human induced global warming are not supported by data.

Scientists who have openly opposed the Green claims have been subject to verbal, written and physical attacks and in some cases their and their families have been physically threatened. The Greens have tried to denigrate scientists who oppose their claims as all being employed by the oil companies. University researchers have been threatened with destruction of their careers, loss of research grants and threats to promotions and careers. A reading of the petition gathered by Dr. Robinson of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine has only a handful of scientists who are employed in the petroleum industry. The fatuous Green claims are just so much intestinal discharge of a male member of domestic bovine farm animals.

On Mr. Graef's claim that the climatic warming has been caused by the industrial revolution, nonsense. How does he account for the Roman Warm Period and the Medieval Warm Period, during which each of these periods the average world temperatures were higher than the present average? In both periods, agriculture production increased and in both the populations increased. Neither of these periods had SUV's operating on petroleum products or coal-fired electrical generating power plants.

Analysis of ice cores have shown an increase in carbon dioxide with time, however this increase has followed the increase in average world temperatures, not preceded the increase.

There are two major sources of natural carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the emissions of volcanoes and oceans. Ocean waters have massive dissolved amounts of C02; the solubility of C02 is lower in warm water than in cold water. Solar emission of energy warms the atmosphere and the oceans. As water temperatures rise, C02 is emitted in massive amounts. An additional, little understood source of C02 are the current activity of a series of undersea volcanoes.

The current climatic warm period reached its peak in 1936. Since that time climate temperatures have made a series of ups and downs. However, beginning in 1989, there has been a gradual drop in temperatures, contrary to Green press releases. Glaciers have started growing and the Artic and Antarctic ice caps are increasing in thickness (iceagenow.com).

The problem of getting Green followers and advocates to learn and understand climate science are the result of two factors. First, global warming claims are not scientific concepts, they are, rather the philosophical ideology of a political movement attempting to place control of economic and political affairs in the hands of a collection of radical left wing personages. Second, the followers are best described as "true believers." A true believer has a blind devotion to a cause and is unable to consider any evidence contrary to these beliefs. The leading Green global warming proponents require absolute devotion and acceptance of their ideological claims, anyone daring to disagree is a sinner, traitor or criminal of the vicious kind.

These are not the kind of people who should be accepted by the citizenry as political leaders and governors.

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