Who really leaves the Sanikan lid up?

Okay, elections over, back to the real world.
This will be the first letter I have ever written to the editor and I thought you might like to see it in case it does not make it into the Peninsula Daily News, writes Arthur J. Estes of Port Angeles.
I did it only because a friend of mine was bellyaching at work about you comparing politics to our jobs, cleaning Sanikans. I thought the whole article up while I was driving around in my pumper truck and not even knowing what you wrote, just going by what my co-worker was crying and whining about.
I did read your commentary later that night after I wrote the letter. I have a very dear friend who works for Bills Plumbing in Sequim as a sanitation engineer whose profession is pumping, not dumping 200 Sanikans or honey buckets, not Porta Potties, in a week.
In talking with my friend about the comparison, he just laughed. He stated at least you got that right about it being a dirty profession. In fact, he informed me that in the top 10 worst jobs in the world pumping and cleaning Sanikans was chosen over all to be the number one worst job. Then he laughed some more.
What one does not realize is that the profession of being a sanitation engineer is only made dirty by the people who come and go in them. And both Democrats and Republicans use Sanikans just like everyone else.
But there is a big difference between the two parties. When the Democrats finish, they do as the notices posted in the Sanikans say. (Note here: When one uses a Sanikan, it is an environmental health issue to close the lid on the tank so nature can do its thing and allow the gases to rise up and out the vent, not up into the Sanikan) and that is what the Democrats do, close the lid and even leave a tip.
As for the Republicans, either they cannot read or just do not care for they always leave the lid up and usually a note saying, Nice clean Sanikan! Well tip you the next time around. Have a good day.
Question: How, Mr. Estes, do you know that the Sanikan user is a Democrat or a Republican unless you only furnish them to political events where you can assume everybody there is a member of whichever party is staging it? There cant be 200 of those going on every week.
Or do you automatically assume that if the lid is down and theres a tip, a Democrat did it, while Republicans are identifiable by their failure to obey the rule and the leaving of a note instead of a tip? It would appear more logical to me that gender, rather than political affiliation, is the key. If the lid is left up and theres no tip, the user was a man. Putting the lid down and leaving a tip sounds more like what women would do.
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Adele Ferguson can be reached at P.O. Box 69, Hansville, WA 98340.

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