Follow the money

Adele Ferguson

Remember when I told you what I thought was wrong with our country, why so many people are at each others throats?
When our forefathers created the three branches of government, legislative, executive and judicial, they intended them to be equal in power, partners, so to speak. But as the nation grew in size and power, each of the branches also grew in its quest for power and today, each thinks it is No. 1, or superior to the other two.
If you dont believe that, what was Speaker Nancy Pelosi doing in Syria usurping the executive branchs power to negotiate with foreign leaders, as well as a parade of other members of Congress traipsing overseas doing much the same? And why did the Supreme Court, five justices anyway, infringe upon the authority of the other two branches and take over management of dealing with global warming, ordering reduction of greenhouse gases by regulation of auto emissions? It would appear that all five saw A. Gores movie documentary and believed every word, despite complaints from scientists who say it is rife with errors. They even mentioned the danger of precipitous rise in sea levels, one of the more egregious errors.
Anyway, not only scientists but people are divided on the causes of global warming.
Here are two of several letters I received just before the court decision came down, on a column I wrote about Dixy Lee Rays dismissal of global warming fears as hysteria.
Thanks for giving us a whiff of sanity on global warming, writes John Alexander Jr., of Chehalis. For my money, Dixy was the last real governor we had in this state. I liked Dixy and part of her appeal was she had her feet on the ground.
Environmentalism, including the seeds of hysteria was beginning to assert itself as the new religion when I believe she asked some time ago, Wheres the science? Weve had the Crusades, Muslimism, Fascism, Socialism and Communism promoted for them or for the high cause of saving souls, force feeding installing a social system that would deliver some people with whats good form of Utopia. Now we have placed Environmentalism on a high pedestal to save the planet.
Nonsense, it is just another smokescreen ism with false promise introduced for the purpose of controlling people.
Dixy also said Follow the money. A lot of new appliances had to be built and bought when the then refrigerant in use was banned.
Heres Robert Maule of Poulsbo: There may be some valid question about the source of global warming, but surely a statement made in 1993 is no longer valid today. If the former governor was such a good scientist, she would have kept up with recent research and by now long since abandoned the camp of the deniers.
I am personally concerned about global warming and what it will mean for my grandchildren and their grandchildren. I am among those who believe there is sufficient evidence that a significant part of the warming trend is anthropogenic. The longer we wait to start controlling mankinds impact, the greater the cost will be in the future. The effect on our economy, your major concern, will then be catastrophic.
Yes, I had to look up anthropogenic in the dictionary. It relates to the impact of man on nature. Thats what this whole controversy is all about. The effort to maximize mans impact over natural global warming and force nations such as our own, in particular, to rein in our industries to lessen the effect. It will be interesting to see whether other Chicken Littles will be willing to pass laws reining in lifestyles as well or will go the Al Gore route of paying somebody else to take the hit for them so they can bask in excess.

Adele Ferguson can be reached at P.O. Box 69, Hansville, WA 98340.

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