Whos on first?

Steve Stav

This is what I get for taking over management of the checkbook from my wife.
Analyst Rodrigo.24784 has entered room.
Rodrigo.24784: Hello Steve, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Rodrigo.24784. Please give me one moment to review your information.
Rodrigo.24784: Hi Steve, what is your query?
Steve: There seems to be a missing payment for this account. Could you tell me which months payment you are missing?
Rodrigo.24784: What missing payment? Have you paid recently and referring to that payment that is missing?
Rodrigo.24784: Could you verify me the last payment made and how much?
Analyst Rodrigo.24784 has been temporarily disconnected. Please wait while the analyst attempts to reconnect.
Analyst Rodrigo.24784 has entered room.
Rodrigo.24784: Did you receive my last message?
Steve: We paid 158.97 in May. Comcast shows a missing payment previous to this, as our current balance due is 322.13.
Rodrigo.24784: Let me check that for you. One moment please.
Rodrigo.24784: How much is that missing payment? And when did you pay it?
Steve: Thats what Im trying to find out. Do you show payment in April?
Rodrigo.24784: I have a question for you...
Rodrigo.24784: Did you settle or pay that missing payment? From what I am seeing, there has been a payment that did not show here in your account? Please confirm that.
Steve: Again, I want to know if there is a missing payment in recent months. Your new invoice shows us as past due, with a balance of $322.13.
Rodrigo.24784: None that I could see here. You should verify me how much and probably an estimate of the date that you had that missing payment.
Steve: Let me put it this way, why do you want $322.13 from me?
Rodrigo.24784: For the security of the account, could you verify me the last four digits of the Social Security Number listed on it?
Rodrigo.24784: Confirmed. Thank you.
Rodrigo.24784: That is your charge for past due and existing current balance.
Rodrigo.24784: It has been unsettled for the past 34 days to be exact.
Steve: Whats past due?
Rodrigo.24784: Unsettled amount of payment that needs to paid right away. Otherwise the service might be interrupted. It is best to settle this to avoid that.
Steve: I understand that, what amount is past due? Thats what Im trying to find out, as we paid in May.
Rodrigo.24784: $163.16
Steve: From which month?
Rodrigo.24784: 34 days presumably last month
Steve: We paid last month. Thats what Im trying to get at. Which month did you not receive a payment?
Rodrigo.24784: The month before May. April, I think.
Steve: Please verify.
Rodrigo.24784: One question, did you pay last April?
Steve: I havent figured that out yet. Thats why Im calling.
Steve: It should have been made.
Rodrigo.24784: You should remember that, if you really paid last April.
Steve: You should know if we paid last April.
Rodrigo.24784: I know, Steve. But basing on your claims that there was a missing payment, you should know the date and how much.
Rodrigo.24784: If you have disputes, better call your local office and verify it there.
Steve: No, not yet. Simple question, can you verify with certainty that there was no payment made in April? Thats all Im asking. There is no dispute yet.
Steve: And there is no local office and the toll-free number on the bill is out of order.
Rodrigo.24784: I can give you a number.
Steve: So you cannot tell me if Comcast shows or does not show a payment made in April?
Rodrigo.24784: No.
Rodrigo.24784: I am certain that the records here are accurate.
Rodrigo.24784: I can also tell if there was a payment made and the payment did not push through.
Steve: Thanks. Thats the answer I was looking for. What is the telephone number for Comcast that actually works?
Rodrigo.24784: One moment please...
Rodrigo.24784: So just one question, did you pay for the month of April?
Steve: I dont know for certain yet, we normally do. I usually dont do the accounting.
Rodrigo.24784: What number are you referring to that did not work?
Steve: 1-877-824-2288 has been changed; the new number is not in service.
Rodrigo.24784: Okay
Rodrigo.24784: Please wait.
Rodrigo.24784: Call 1-800-COMCAST
Rodrigo.24784: We have just the same number here.
Rodrigo.24784: Any more questions for me today?
Steve: Okay, I see the problem now. There is no missing payment.
Steve: This invoice includes next months charge
Rodrigo.24784: Is there anything else that I could possibly help you? Besides that issue?
Steve: What issue?
Rodrigo.24784: Okay.
Rodrigo.24784: Is there anything else that I could possibly help you? Besides that concern?
Steve: Call 1-877-824-2288 right now. Then tell me how to proceed by phone. Its not in service.
Rodrigo.24784: Call 1-800-COMCAST. If that number is not working.
Rodrigo.24784: Unfortunately we support for chat only.
Steve: Wow, this has been quite a lengthy experience in... solving nothing. Thanks for your non-assistance.
Rodrigo.24784: You are always welcome.
Rodrigo.24784: Analyst has closed chat and left the room.

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