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Arlington resident: Global warming supporter got his science wrong

In the May 21 edition of The Arlington Times, A. Michael Kundu authored an article discussing global warming and those in opposition to the concept. His claims are nonsense and at wide variation with scientific research, personnel and knowledge of the present climatic warm period, that is, the "modern warm period."

Kundu states the term global warming has been used by a variety of scientific journals and organizations and in this he is correct. However, he is incorrect in implying the term as used in scientific journals has the same definition when used by environmental groups. His language should be more precise. The environmental people mean "human induced global warming," that is global warming caused by carbon dioxide emitted by human activity. When scientists use the term global warming, they mean a climatic warm condition occurring as a result of natural causes.

The major natural cause of the modern warm period is solar radiation emitted by sunspots, including visible light and radiation not visible to human eyes (that is infrared, ultraviolet, x-rays and ionized atomic particles). A known, but lesser understood, cause is the effect of massive amounts of molten lava injected by undersea volcanoes into ocean currents. Over the last several years there has been increased undersea volcanic activity along the western rim of the "ring of fire." This activity has affected the el Nino and la Nina occurrences in the Pacific where these ocean currents carry heat to the west coasts of northern and southern land masses.

The Web site co2science.org has published several hundred abstracts of articles written and signed by scientists in peer review journals. These articles contain technical data acquired by laboratory investigations of every claim made by environmentalists. None of these claims have stood under investigation and all have been demonstrated to be without any existing factual base.

Carbon dioxide is not just emitted by human operated industrial operations, but also by volcanoes and ocean waters. These latter emissions are massive and human emitted carbon dioxide is miniscule in comparison. Volcanic activity emits massive amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and as carbon dioxide has lesser solubility in warm water then in cold water, rising ocean temperatures caused by solar energies cause massive amounts to be released into the atmosphere. The ice cores discussed by Kundu demonstrate that the atmospheric content of carbon follows the rise in temperature rather than precedes the rise in temperature. Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant; rather it is the basic building block of all plant and animal life. Over a hundred laboratory investigations conducted under a variety of atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and temperatures have demonstrated higher levels of carbon dioxide and higher temperatures cause an increase of bio mass. This was naturally demonstrated during the Roman warm period, BC 100 to AD 600 and the climatic warm period between AD 900 and AD 1300. During both periods there was a massive increase in agricultural food production. Carbon dioxide is also necessary for human beings as it affects automatic breathing. If carbon dioxide is not available in the air, it is necessary for each person to specifically take each breath.

Kundu attempts to discredit Richard Lindzen. I googled Richard Lindzen and the first reference coming up listed a paper discussing statistically insignificant warming. Dr. Richard Lindzen is Alfrad P. Sloan Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at MIT. He is not just a lone scientist refusing to believe in human induced global warming. The Web site of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine (www.oism.org) circulated a petition which has been signed by over 31,000 scientists. This petition states there is no proof of human induced global warming. The slandering of disbelieving scientists and citizens by environmental groups and individuals is a routine method of discrediting opponents and of forcing those opponents to shut up.

Time and time again the environmental propaganda apparatus claims some new perceived disaster will destroy the human race or the industrial and agricultural economy or wipe out some species of animals or plants. These claims usually start "scientists say" such and such will happen unless the American people adopt massive limitations on industry and farming. The global warming environmentalists have never listed any scientist nor any research papers published in peer review journals to back their claims. Kundu then goes on to claim opposition by scientists is akin to racism. In the past environmentalist supporters have used the term "deniers" in an attempt to equate global warming opposition to the denying of the holocaust of WWII.

As for the schools teaching climatology they do very well teaching sexual perversions and multicultural hate while superintendents and school boards resolutely refuse to teach reading, writing, arithmetic, history, civics, ethics and morality. Any one expecting the schools to teach factual historical climatology is having a pipe dream.

In summation, there is no human caused global warming, it is a natural phenomena brought on by the varying energy output of sunspots. The green global warming program does not have a scientific base, rather it is a political program designed to give radical left wing people control of the national economy for their own financial and political benefit. Mr. Kundu will, of course, refuse to accept this article as his ideology does not permit other and/or opposing opinions to be held or talked about.

Glen Reid

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