Exipure Reviews – Fake Weight Loss Claims?

You are out here looking for Exipure reviews which means that you are quite into your journey of weight loss already. Looking for a supplement to help you in the process of weight reduction shows that you have tried a lot but have not succeeded in achieving the weight that you desire to have.

It could be just that there is a lot of stubborn fat in your body that refuses to leave no matter what you do. We understand very well that it is not easy to lose weight.

Identifying a supplement that actually helps you do it and let’s see your progress in your weight loss journey is quite a rare experience. This might be the case with other weight loss supplements but not Exipure, as identified by our research and editorial team.

For those trying to lose weight, this supplement has proven to be quite a boon. Not only does this make the weight loss journey easier and quicker, it offers several other benefits to health as well through the natural ingredients present in the supplement.

Our research and editorial team has scoured through the official website and tried out the supplement to bring you a detailed and reliable Exipure review that shall help you decide whether this might be the supplement for you. Without much ado, let us get into the Exipure review that we have put together for you.

Before we begin, let us have a glance at the overview of this highly-praised supplement:

Name Exipure
Founders and Makers of the supplement Jack Barrett, Dr. Lam and Dr. James Wilkins
Category Weight loss
Product Type Dietary capsules or pills
Core Mechanism Targets the increase of levels of BAT in the body. The increase in BAT works in a multi-faceted way to boost metabolism while also increasing thermogenesis, thus, promoting healthy loss of weight.
Key Ingredients
  • Amur cork Bark
  • Holy Basil
  • Oleuropein
  • Perilla leaves
  • Kudzu
  • Quercetin
  • White Korean Ginseng
  • Propolis
  • Product Features
  • Contains no stimulants
  • Contains no addictive ingredients
  • Non-GMO
  • Soy-Free and Gluten-Free
  • Organic and exotic ingredients
  • Does not contain allergens
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Comes in easy-to-consume capsules
  • Manufactured in an FDA-registered facility
  • Created in a GMP-certified facility in USA
  • Developed by real physicians
  • Transparent ingredients and clinically effective dosages
  • Contains no preservatives
  • Exipure Reviews Exipure has numerous positive reviews with a total of 4.1 stars on Trustpilot.
  • 30-day supply for $59.00
  • 90-day supply for $147.00
  • 180-day supply for $234.00
  • Availability Only available on the official website
    Money-Back Guarantee Backed by 180-day money back guarantee
    Safety Guidelines Only designed for men and women aged 18 or above. Should not be consumed by lactating women or women planning pregnancy. People with health conditions should consult a physician before starting Exipure consumption.
    Serving Instructions 1 capsule per day with a glass of water.

    What is Exipure Natural Weight Loss Supplement?

    Exipure is a weight loss dietary supplement that aims to promote loss of weight by the production of brown adipose tissue.

    Exipure pills contain tropical and natural ingredients and come in the form of non-habit-forming capsules that can be consumed easily. It works by increasing the number of brown adipose tissue cells, which helps reduce fat deposits and eliminate excess white fat.

    Exipure pills, which were launched in October 2021 by Dr. Lam, Jack Barrett, and James Wilkins, aim to help both men and women lose weight by burning white fat, preventing unexplained weight gain, and boosting thermogenesis in the body.

    It is the goal of Exipure diet pills to reduce white fat content in the human body by increasing the number of brown fat cells to prevent unexplained weight gain – the main source of agony for all individuals struggling with unwanted fat deposits.

    Exipure discloses every ingredient in its formula, unlike many other weight loss supplements that sell ‘proprietary blends’ – most of which are cheap filler ingredients. Built on proven weight loss studies, Exipure pills are backed by science, developed by real-time physicians (rather than companies solely aiming to earn money).

    Many Exipure reviews claim that the supplement has worked wonders in helping users shed extra pounds and regain the self-esteem they’d lost as a result of their unexplained weight gain.

    Exipure capsules have a scientifically-backed mechanism to support healthy weight loss, helping individuals in losing weight in a safe manner. Each batch of Exipure pills undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure efficacy, according to the Exipure pills’ official website.

    Exipure pills have a detailed working mechanism that is unlike the others. The supplement does not work like other supplements that solely curb appetite to aid loss of weight.

    Our team dug deep into the subject and has come up with an explanation of the core working of Exipure that is both clear and comprehensive.

    Warning: It should be noted that the Exipure diet pills should only be purchased from the Exipure official site. Why? As a result of purchasing from the official Exipure website, you can rest assured that the Exipure pills you receive are authentic and not counterfeits.

    If you see Exipure pills being advertised on platforms other than the official website at lucratively lower rates (or higher, for that fact), it is highly likely that the product is duplicitous and fake, and does not deliver expected weight loss results that you should be expecting from the original supplement retailed by Clickbank.

    This also means that you will be unable to claim the 180-day money back guarantee provided by the manufacturers since you did not buy from the official website to begin with.

    Understanding Brown Fat and its role in Exipure Weight Loss Supplement

    Below we have elucidated how brown fat and white fat are two entirely different things and how brown fat is involved in shedding significant amounts of weight as well as prevention of weight gain as a formula used in the Exipure capsules.

    What is Brown Adipose Tissue?

    White fat and brown fat or brown adipose tissue are the two types of fat found in our body. It’s as simple as it gets: White fat is what causes the body to store fat, including around the waist which contributes to that ungracious belly fat we hate.

    On the other hand, “brown adipose tissue,” which is also considered fat, does not accumulate in the areas of the body that are undesirable. In fact, it is so compact in nature, that it takes less space in the body, thus making the body look leaner and more firm.

    Brown fat, according to plastic surgeon James R. Lyons, is the good fat that takes up less space in the body and gives the appearance of firmness, health, and youth to the body.

    Since BAT contains mitochondria, they are what give brown fat its brown color. As a result of its high concentration of mitochondria, brown fat actually burns calories rather than storing them.

    If you remember anything from science lessons back in middle school, you’d know that mitochondria are the “powerhouse of the cells”, which means that they help the body prevent weight gain while also helping in losing weight at a very fast rate.

    A high rate of calorie burning is facilitated by the presence of mitochondria in BAT. To put it another way, BAT burns energy and calories at a rate 300 times greater than white fat cells. As a result of mitochondria consuming and breaking down calories (mostly sugar), the body’s metabolism and rate of calorie burning both increase. When the metabolism rate increases, there is also an increase in the thermogenesis in the body.

    The increased thermogenesis in the body helps to burn more calories as a result of the increased energy levels. Thus, BAT uses a multi-faceted approach to promote loss of weight by boosting metabolism and increasing thermogenesis.

    However, the posing question is: Does the method of targeting BAT levels for fat burning have any scientific basis? The primary cause of weight gain, according to recent clinical studies, is a lack of brown adipose tissue (BAT) in the body, says the official website of Exipure pills.

    BAT levels (brown adipose tissue) are higher in lean individuals than those who are obese. When it comes to shedding weight, the body’s low brown adipose tissue (BAT) levels are a problem. Exipure pills use a blend of 8 exotic and tropical ingredients to boost BAT levels and help people slim down and prevent further weight gain.

    Brown Adipose Tissue and Thermogenesis

    Interestingly, brown fat can be made from white fat, which means that excess white fat can be turned into beneficial brown adipose tissue for health and to help promote healthy loss of weight. When it comes to being obese, fat isn’t always a bad thing, however, it is often seen as one.

    We are sure the first time you heard of brown adipose tissue (BAT) or brown fat, you did not associate it with weight loss. However, just like good bacteria and bad bacteria, there is good fat and bad fat; in brevity not all fat makes you overweight.

    BAT, in fact, helps in losing weight.

    With a healthy diet, exercise and supplementation, a person can lose a significant amount of weight using Exipure capsules, which understands and analyzes the benefits of BAT and the role it plays in how much weight can be lost.

    When it’s cold outside, our bodies’ brown fat acts as insulation, keeping us toasty. This means that brown fat increases thermogenesis in the body, causing the body to produce more heat. Now, as we all know, production of more heat in the body means burning of more calories. This translates to BAT levels being directly associated with weight loss and prevention of weight gain.

    Brown Fat/Brown Adipose Tissue and Respiration

    It’s fascinating to learn how your body generates the heat you need to stay warm and cozy when the weather outside is dreadful. A protein known as the major thermogenic factor uncoupling protein-1 is responsible for producing heat in your body in the presence of high BAT levels.

    To produce the heat energy needed to keep the body warm under cold conditions, this protein is activated and breaks down fat in the presence of cold when BAT levels are high.

    Even though you may not be aware of it, you go through a series of processes in your body at all times. In this context, we are talking about the process of respiration.

    The process of inhalation and exhalation allows the body to burn white fat when BAT levels are high in the body. Since thermogenesis and respiration are intrinsically linked, Exipure capsules base the formula around the same.

    Brown Adipose Tissue and Metabolism

    When brown fat tissues are abundant, they speed up the fat breakdown process, releasing energy in the process. This is due to the fact that the increase in BAT levels has demonstrated a greater ability than white fat to produce chemical energy and heat.

    The term “metabolism” is one that many people who are trying to lose weight come across. Weight loss and prevention of weight gain are made easier when the metabolism is higher.

    Essentially, metabolism refers to the body’s process of converting food and other nutrients into kinetic energy, which it uses to function and maintain health. A well-balanced and healthy diet apart from regular exercise have been shown to raise metabolism levels in the human body.

    Those who are trying to slim down should have a fast metabolism. A calorie deficit is what causes loss of weight, as science has demonstrated time and time again. This means that the amount of calories consumed must be less than the amount of calories burned.

    Metabolic health makes losing weight easier, and gaining weight is harder for those who have it. Exipure, a high-quality dietary supplement, can help you burn more calories by increasing metabolism, which supports healthy weight loss.

    Having high BAT levels in your body means that your body’s metabolism will naturally speed up. You burn extra calories when your BAT levels are high.

    Everything in Exipure’s weight-loss formulation is built around this idea. The supplement’s natural ingredients increase BAT levels or brown adipose tissue significantly, which aids in weight loss.

    It is possible to lose weight naturally when you have a lot of energy and are constantly burning calories. Increased metabolism and the ability to maintain a high metabolic rate while at rest can be achieved through BAT since brown fat burns (it really does!). This is why, we keep saying that Exipure and its mechanism come as a breakthrough state-of-the-art technology in the industry of weight loss.

    Thus, in summary, for those who want to shed pounds or avoid weight gain in the future, it’s critical to have high levels of BAT.

    Ingredients in Exipure that aid weight loss

    All the eight exotic ingredients in Exipure, as mentioned in several Exipure reviews, promote natural loss of weight when combined together in the Exipure pills. Below we have outlined each ingredient and how it helps in losing weight.

    Perilla Leaves

    Perilla Leaves form a unique ingredient that directly tackles unexplained weight gain and directly affects how much weight you lose in the long term.

    Everyone in their effort to get rid of unwanted body fat must familiarize themselves with the benefits of perilla leaves as they are amazing when it comes to having properties that not only supports loss of weight but also improves brain health.

    High cholesterol levels are a direct consequence of having too much body fat. To attain healthy cholesterol levels in the body, one must lose weight the right way.

    This ingredient helps increase levels of brown adipose tissue (BAT) which solves the issue of slow metabolism making the process of reducing weight simpler.

    Along with this, there are several other benefits to overall health contributed by this natural and herbal ingredient and science is still researching the many benefits. Exipure uses Perilla levels in high quantities to improve metabolism.

    Holy Basil

    Holy Basil is quite a pure ingredient just like the name suggests and is quite a blessing when it comes to increasing brown fat levels in the body. Now we have been through this over and over again.

    Any ingredient that has shown the ability to boost brown fat levels directly helps to support healthy weight loss, and holy Basil is no exception.

    Not only does this help burn fat and boost levels of brown adipose tissue (BAT) to support weight loss, Holy Basil also plays a key role in boosting brain health. Several studies relate holy basil to improved brain health. Studies are still going on to understand all the benefits of this ingredient in depth.

    The Exipure supplement helps in improving brain health thanks to Holy basil being among the Exipure ingredients used in large amounts and resulting in accelerated fat burning.

    White Korean Ginseng

    White Korean Ginseng is a personal favorite among all of the Exipure ingredients and this is majorly due to the amazing benefits that it offers to the overall health of the human body.

    To begin with, this actually targets stubborn fat layers to remove excessive belly fat. The importance of losing belly fat cannot be overstated because this directly affects heart health as well. How much weight you lose depends on just how much work your body does to burn fat.

    The Exipure supplement uses White Korean Ginseng to increase brown fat levels. Brown adipose tissues are a boon in the fat burning process as they are able to do so much quicker and they increase the metabolism levels significantly.

    White Korean Ginseng targets fat that just doesn’t seem to burn off and therefore contributes to speeding up the process of getting rid of those extra pounds.

    Amur Cork Bark

    There are several Exipure ingredients that work in coordination to contribute to overall health and help the human body lose weight naturally. The weight loss formula designed by Exipure is such that it uses ingredients like Amur Cork Bark to help improve health and not just promote the loss of weight for cosmetic purposes. People looking to burn calories and drop pounds don’t necessarily focus on the fitness aspect of it, not often anyway. And when not done right, this can lead to excessive fat storage. For natural weight loss, it is important to increase brown fat levels. There are many aspects to burning calories and one of the best ways to go about it is to boost brown fat levels and this is exactly what Amur Cork Bark does. This is one of the key ingredients of Exipure that contains generous quantities of it.


    When we list down the different Exipure ingredients, talking about Quercetin becomes really important because this majorly contributes to the ability of the Exipure supplement to put into action it’s effective formula.

    There are many aspects to fat being stored in the body. One of the reasons why this happens is because of the large number of aging cells that get accumulated. Quercetin tackles issues of slow metabolism and unwanted body fat, especially belly fat.

    It improves brown adipose tissue levels which helps improve metabolism and reduces the number of aging cells, almost like detoxification. Exipure has been known to contribute to improving the overall health of a person and this is purely owing to the carefully curated ingredient base.

    By helping boost brown fat levels, it accelerates the fat burning process to promote natural weight loss in people.


    Oleuropein is one among many of the Exipure ingredients that offer benefits to the overall health of a person rather than just helping with the process of reducing weight. The main purpose of this ingredient is to solve the issue of slow metabolism.

    It also supports healthy blood pressure levels and healthy cholesterol levels which are improved as a result of reducing weight and focusing on holistic fitness.

    The levels of brown adipose tissue (BAT) are significantly increased as a result of this ingredient. By increasing brown adipose tissue levels, this accelerates the process of burning deposited fat. It is a known fact that in order to reduce weight, one must burn calories effectively and continuously. Exipure has been known to help a person burn calories even at rest thanks to its unique weight loss formula that targets overall health.

    Kudzu Root

    By far, this is one of the most important ingredients of the Exipure supplement and it also helps create the unique weight loss formula that Exipure is known and appreciated for. The main action of this ingredient is to boost brown adipose tissue levels.

    Reducing body fat is in no way easy and we have all noticed that over time, the fat gets very difficult to burn. This is why the Exipure ingredients have been curated particularly to boost levels of brown adipose tissue (BAT) in the body. Doing so lets the user burn fat faster.

    Other than targeting stubborn fat cells, this ingredient also offers other health benefits. It helps improve the health of the digestive system as well as the nervous system and also improves blood circulation to promote good levels of blood pressure by reducing the chances of hypertension.


    The fact that this ingredient actually helps support healthy blood pressure ranges in the body makes it one of the best Exipure ingredients. This is not something that most supplements focus on or even care about. The target is always the fat self. Not that there’s anything wrong with that because fat burning is an important step to achieve good health.

    The ideal body weight can only be achieved if fat cells are burned sufficiently and excessive belly fat is burned off. Fat around the belly is the most notorious because it affects the health of the heart as well.

    Moreover, this ingredient also helps to promote better insulin resistance and supports healthy blood sugar range. Other than that, it also helps increase levels of energy in people due to increased metabolism. Just like any of the other ingredients present in this supplement, it also helps to boost brown adipose tissue levels thus contributing to sustainable loss of weight.

    Pricing Options for Exipure:

    Exipure is available in three pricing options, from which you can choose based on your budget and requirements.

    Note: Ideally, when you buy the Exipure supplement in bulk, you save much more on each bottle of Exipure.

    One-month supply

    The one month supply of Exipure weight loss supplement costs $59.00 USD. You also get free shipping on the purchase with multiple payment options.

    Three-months supply

    The three-months or 90 days supply of Exipure has three bottles of Exipure which makes the pricing of each bottle go down to $49.00 USD. When you buy three bottles of Exipure together, you do not only get free-shipping but also two handy bonus products that can push further your journey of losing weight.

    Six-months supply

    Six bottles of Exipure cost $234.00 USD in totality, which makes the pricing of each bottle go down to $39.00 USD. Similar to the three bottles of Exipure supply, you get two bonus products (more on that later) as well as free shipping on the order.

    Where to buy Exipure?

    Exipure is only available on the official website, both marketed and retailed by Clickbank. There is no other official retailer or reseller of the Exipure pills apart from Clickbank which means that all the products that you see outside of the official manufacturer’s website of Exipure are duplicitous and non-genuine.

    To get the best results from the supplement, it is highly recommended to buy only from the manufacturer’s website.

    Is there a Money-Back Guarantee on Exipure?

    Yes, Exipure is backed by a 180 day money-back guarantee from the manufacturer. You can rest easy knowing that if the product doesn’t work out for you like most weight loss supplements, you’ll get your money back.

    Because the product comes with a 6-month or 180-day money-back guarantee, if you don’t see any improvement or progression in your journey towards weight loss through the supplement, you can simply return the product.

    When you return the product to the manufacturer, they won’t ask you a single question and will give you a full refund if it doesn’t work out for you. The process to claim your 180-day money back guarantee is a walk over the brook as well – all you have to do is write to their support team.

    What are the Bonus Products included in Exipure?

    Unlike many other weight loss supplements that sell purely on deception and fake claims, Exipure weight loss pills aim to help individuals prevent weight gain and production of extra white fat using a multi-faceted approach.

    One such approach by the makers of the Exipure weight loss pills is the inclusion of bonus products, namely, 1-Day Kickstart Detox and Renew You in the 90-day as well as 180-day Exipure pills bundle.

    These bonus products aim to educate individuals on how they can prevent weight gain using proven weight loss studies such as detoxification as well as a strong mindset.

    1-Day Kickstart Detox

    When you purchase the Exipure capsules, you will receive an eBook named 1-Day Kickstart Detox that tells you all about detoxification. You’ll learn how to cleanse and flush toxins from your liver and other organs with this guide. When used in conjunction with Exipure, your body will be given a boost to start burning fat.

    There’s also a recipe for a special detox tea in the eBook that will help you prevent weight gain even more if you drink it every day. The eBook is written to assist you in beginning your new diet in the most secure manner possible.

    Renew You

    Another eBook, this one, is specifically about how to deal with stress. You’ll learn techniques for calming the mind, relaxing, and boosting confidence. The techniques in this book are tried-and-true methods that can be used anywhere.

    The two bonuses are meant to make your new journey to achieve the ideal body weight easier, more enjoyable, and more effective.

    What is the Exipure Wellness Box?

    The Exipure Wellness Box is a comprehensive wellness kit that lets you lose weight effectively without losing focus on other aspects of your health. It comes with other dietary supplements that help enhance the process of reducing weight by improving overall health.

    Using these supplements along with the Exipure weight loss supplement has been shown to increase the amount of weight you lose by as much as three whole pounds. There are six supplements that are part of this box.

    MCT Oil Pure

    Medium chain triglycerides are important in helping curb high appetite, which is very problematic and quite often the biggest hurdle for anyone trying to lose weight. These dietary supplements have high levels of medium chain triglycerides that ensure that your cravings for additional calories are scratched off completely.

    Your energy levels are improved as a result. The more calories you eat, the more weight you gain. It is this simple principle that has been handled in the Exipure Wellness Box by this supplement. When used along with the supplement focused on reducing weight, it proves to be extremely effective.

    Immune Boost

    With the pandemic going on, the importance of good immunity has dawned on everyone and thank goodness for that. It is not very often that during your efforts to lose weight, you are able to balance all the essential nutrients in your body that contribute to good and strong immunity.

    The Immune Boost dietary supplements are ideal for those who have more weight to lose but cannot afford to consume more calories in the effort to boost immunity. That is where these supplements come in and help boost your body’s ability to fight off infections. As an added benefit, these supplements are also effective in helping you maintain high energy levels throughout the day.

    Biobalance Probiotics

    If you are not new to the journey that you are going through to lose weight, you will be aware of the fact that gut health is very important in this process.

    Through effective digestion and improved metabolism, the necessary nutrition is absorbed into your blood and you will not suffer from uncomfortable issues like bloating. Probiotics help you improve your gut health.

    These dietary supplements help you balance your energy levels by improving digestion and also prevent you from consuming more calories when used in combination with the other supplements that are present in the box.

    Ultra Collagen complex

    Excessive weight in the body can lead to many issues such as premature aging and poor quality of skin. During your journey to reduce weight, you might not have the time to focus on the health of your skin. Skin tends to get loose.

    The Hydrolyzed Peptides in Ultra Collagen Complex helps improve collagen levels and reduces the effect of aging. Ultra Collagen Complex effectively tackles skin problems related to aging and leads to younger and healthier looking skin.

    Ultra Sleep 20

    Sleep is sadly the most overlooked part of the journey to lose weight by most people. The importance of solid night sleep for at least eight hours is very important for those who want to maintain high energy levels and stay active throughout the day.

    To reach your target loss of weight, along with focusing on diet and fitness, you need to get proper rest so that your body can recover and your brain is prepared for the next day. This supplement helps you attain your target weight loss by improving the quality and quantity of your sleep.

    Final Verdict – Can Exipure help lose weight?

    You would have come across several Exipure reviews on the internet that testify to the goodness of the pill and swear by its benefits. What we can guarantee you is that it will indeed help you in your process to lose weight when combined with adequate exercise and a healthy diet to supplement this.

    We know very well that the weight loss journey is not an easy one and having additional help is never a wrong thing. This is why our research and editorial team worked so hard on the Exipure review and compared it with different weight loss supplements to bring you the best one.

    There are several Exipure reviews present on the official website that testify to the effectiveness of the pill for weight loss.

    When used correctly, this can be the helping hand that you need to successfully complete your weight loss journey and achieve the weight that you feel is best suited to your body.



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