Rite Aid opens ‘Customer World’ in M’ville, plans upcoming events

Rite Aid opened a “Customer World” store, at 3733 116th St. NE in Marysville May 28 with a 7 a.m. ribbon-cutting ceremony.

MARYSVILLE — Rite Aid opened a “Customer World” store, at 3733 116th St. NE in Marysville May 28 with a 7 a.m. ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Rite Aid Regional Pharmacy Vice President Germaine Robottom explained that the store incorporates features of the company’s prototype “Customer World” design, offering a new look and many new services, which were created using feedback from customer focus groups across the country.

“Marysville residents can now see and experience the new design and services that many customers have been raving about since we opened our first ‘Customer World’ store about four years ago,” Robottom said. “Customers told us that their relationship with their pharmacist was important, so each new store highlights the pharmacy. Pharmacy is our core business so we made it the focal point, or star, of the ‘Customer World’ design.”

Rite Aid has expanded its merchandise selections and improved both its store navigation and “the professional feel” in its “Customer World” stores. The pharmacy department is easily seen and accessible from the entrance, emphasizing Rite Aid’s stated commitment to patient health and wellness, and the pharmacy waiting area has been designed with a lowered ceiling, comfortable chairs, a TV and a connection to a pharmacy consultation room, which provides a private and professional setting for patient counseling by the pharmacist.

“Reaction to the new store design has been overwhelmingly positive from customers and associates alike,” Robottom said. “Aisles are wide and clutter-free, and the design makes it easy for customers to find what they’re shopping for. The store environment shows that we also care about our associates’ ability to get their work done efficiently.”

The new Marysville store covers more than 14,000 square feet, with a bright, open environment that offers direct views of each department.

Darlene Judkin, store manager for the Marysville Rite Aid “Customer World” store, explained that Rite Aid’s commitment to supporting the local community can be seen not only in the Marysville “Customer World” store’s 20 new hires from the area, but also in their service projects, such as when Marysville “Customer World” store employees repainted the graffiti-covered fences across from the Marysville-Pilchuck High School athletic fields on 108th Street May 21.

“We had about 24 of our employees out there that day,” Judkin said. “The city of Marysville Parks and Recreation Department supplied the paint, and we did the work. It was quite fun. We’re really excited to be in the local community, and we look forward to helping our new customers out. We’ve just had a few in so far, but we hope to get more soon.”

Other events at the Marysville “Customer World” Rite Aid include:

June 2-5 — Free blood pressure readings.

June 2-3 — Free personal vitamin profiles.

June 4 — Free fitness assessments.

June 6 — Free child ID kits.