6 Letters to the Editor support M’ville school levies

As a mom of five children who are either current, former or future students in the Marysville School District, I felt compelled to share my thoughts about the levy vote.

While I would not consider myself political, I strongly feel like this is an issue that I can and will support.

I spend quite a bit of time volunteering at school and have done so for over 15 years now. As an active member of the PTSA and co-fundraising chair, I see things in a way that maybe every parent and voter out there is not able to. I think that a lot of people would be surprised to know how much at school is paid for with PTSA funds, just how much money teachers and staff spend out of their own pockets, and how many things are just off the table altogether due to lack of funding. I am amazed almost daily at the level of dedication I see from teachers and staff. They truly go above and beyond. I am also amazed that as a country with all of the luxuries and advancements that we have, education is somehow not our top priority. My kids are getting a great education in Marysville because of some amazing people. However, what if they could be getting an even better education and one of the things in the way is lack of funding? Some grades still have too many students per class, facilities need updating, equipment needs to be replaced, staff needs to be added. These are just a few of the things I personally notice.

I frequently find myself thinking that if there was more help, if we all came together and did just a little more, we’d be able to achieve so many great things as a community. I am also not naïve to the fact that we are busy, and more so, people just aren’t sure what to do. They want to help, but they don’t know how. Approving these levies is a way we can do that. Funding is a way the community can help. I do not want to sit back and think that someone else should do more, when these are my kids. I need to look at me. Am I personally doing everything I can for my kids, for their schools, for this community? The combined cost of the levies comes out to less per month than my dog food bill. Less than I spend on coffee. Less than one meal out at a restaurant for my family. It is in fact less than you are currently paying for the previous levy. So, please consider voting yes to support our kids. Rebecka Thoms, Marysville

I urge you to vote yes for Marysville schools by renewing the Educational Programs and Operations Levy and the Technology and Capital Projects Levy on the Feb. 13 Election Ballot.

As a City Council member, I appreciate how local support for schools is not only tied to student success, but to that of the community as well.

Our public schools are not simply institutions for learning, but they are also community centers where we gather with our neighbors- whether it is for cultural events, cheering on our favorite teams, coming together for common interests, or playing on the courts and fields after school. A viable school district and school facilities are both really important to our economic vitality as a city. Additionally, strong public-school systems attract new businesses, encourage business growth and bolster home values. Please support the Maryville community by voting yes for Marysville schools.

Michael Stevens, Marysville

I’m writing to urge our community to renew the two education levies on the February ballot.

The Replacement Educational Programs and Operations Levy and the Technology and Capital Projects will cost 41 cents less than current levels. A yes vote maintains support for local students by continuing to fund the programs, services and resources they currently receive, and supporting the improvement and maintenance of the buildings where they learn and grow. Our schools serve the community at large. Access to technology, smaller class sizes, supported staff and maintained school facilities ensure our children have the best chance for a great future, which in turn gives Marysville the best chance for a great future.

Shelley Mortinson, Marysville

In 1977 the Legislature was directed by the courts to identify and fully fund basic education. Now, 41 years later, the legislature still is not adequately funding the education every child deserves. This is why our schools must depend on additional local monies for adequate funding.

I am a senior with a fixed income. And for almost 60 years now I have supported our schools in their dedicated efforts to make sure the children of our community have the resources necessary to enter the workforce and qualify for living-wage jobs.

The current proposal is no new taxes … it replaces the levy we approved in 2014. And, as I understand it, this proposal on the Feb. 13 ballot is projected to decrease by 74 cents per $1,000 assessed valuation over the next four years. Additionally, this new levy is 42 cents per $1,000 valuation less than the one we are replacing.

It is apparent to this senior citizen that our school administrators, teachers, staff and board members are committed to making sure every local dollar we spend to educate our children is spent very wisely.

I am supporting this ballot issue and encourage all Marysville citizens to also support this for our children.

Don Wlazlak, Marysville

I am voting yes and hope you will too.

Everyone in Marysville got a ballot in the mail this week to vote on two educational levies for the Marysville School District. Approval will ensure students have enough teachers and aides to reduce and maintain smaller class sizes. It will also employ the nurses, counselors, librarians and support staff that help reinforce the health and safety of our students. Renewal of the levies ensures we can continue to fund programs for students with special needs, and support the arts, music, athletics and extra-curricular programs. The one that hits home for me is the renewal of the Technology and Capital Projects Levy. This will improve much needed buildings and facilities by addressing the most pressing facility retrofits and replacement needs over the next five years, and it will continue to provide students, families and the community with 21st Century technology resources, and Free 24/7 Wi-Fi access across the district. At the end of the day, the annual taxes are less than previous levels – 42 cents less per $1,000 valuation. As a Marysville graduate, who relocated back here because I care deeply about the community and schools, I urge you to renew these levies.

Danna Watson (Gibson), Marysville

I’m writing to implore local voters to vote yes on the Marysville School District’s two replacement Levies that provide continuation of critical supports such as nurses and counselors and ensure our kids have access to the most updated technology to prepare them for success in an increasingly digital world.

MSD students currently receive these supports through two 4-year levies that were approved by voters in 2014 and expire at the end of 2018. On Feb. 13, please vote to renew both funds, which are critical to our local students’ success. Voting yes on Proposition 1: “Educational Programs Maintenance and Operations Levy,” means our kids, grandkids, neighbors, friends and relatives will continue to have:

•Skilled teachers and instructional aides

•Nurses, counselors, librarians and support staff

•Programs for students with special needs

•Student transportation

•Arts, music, athletics and extra-curricular programs

Voting yes for Proposition 2: “Technology and Capital Improvements Levy,” will maintain and improve the successful technology system put into place in 2014 and support capital improvements to ensure school buildings provide a safe and enriching learning environment:

•Updated devices and learning apps

•Student and staff technology learning

•Continued 24/7 access to WiFi in all district buildings

•Routers, power sources and wiring •Roof, gutter, floor and siding replacements

•Fire system upgrades

•Boiler replacements and heating improvements

•Electrical retrofits such as lighting, outlets and intercoms

•Additional security personnel

I hope others will join me in showing strong support for our kids by voting yes on Feb. 13.

Dawne Wentworth, Marysville

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