Bikini barista Arlington

I got a “jolt” from a local espresso stand today and it wasn’t from the caffeine in the coffee.

I got a “jolt” from a local espresso stand today and it wasn’t from the caffeine in the coffee.

I was disappointed, frustrated and saddened when I saw a young girl standing out in front of a local espresso stand with the top half of her body clad only in a skimpy bikini top that covered very little. She held a sign that advertised “espresso,” as the sign adjacent to her read, “Bikini Barista.” I am wondering what they are trying to sell here. In a world that seems to use sex as a marketing tool, I was disgusted to see that a local espresso stand has taken the bait and has decided to stoop to this level and sell something in addition to a simple cup of joe.

We have a long list now days of what we can add to our coffee: extra shots, flavored syrups, white chocolate or dark; and now sex seems to have been added to the list. I immediately decided that I will not patronize this particular espresso stand and I hope that others decide to do the same. Unfortunately, this espresso stand is located where I am forced to drive past it on a regular basis. I am angered that I am forced to see this every time I go by whether I am alone, with my husband or our three young boys. As I continued on my route, I was thrilled to see the sign at another espresso stand that stated: “We serve it hot with our clothes on.” I took a hard left into their parking lot and praised the barista for the message. She aired her frustration over the other’s decision to have bikini baristas and felt it was offensive and demeaning to her as a barista and a woman.

Where is your self respect here ladies? What really is your job title?

On a resume for future employment, what type of employer is looking for experience as a “bikini barista?” I would hope that higher standards would be set by this local small business and these young ladies with so much potential. If we tolerate and allow this I am afraid to think of what could be next.

Crystal Bates