Letter to the editor

Don’t trust city

Don’t trust the city of Marysville. After being forced to sign off on a construction easement, the state constitution grants cities right of “eminent domain” – in other words you have no choice. Being paid a pittance for ruining my property and disturbing access of ingress and egress, the cities project manager offers no help whatsoever as the documents I signed are like comparing apples to oranges as far as what they are doing and what they said they would do.

This project is a travesty to the property owners in the Brashler Industrial Park and you the taxpayer, your money is not being spent wisely.

If your mayor and council stand behind this project then they are guilty for throwing your money away on a project that is a mere bandage on the problem.

Uncooperative with a could-care-less-about-your-problems – that what I get out of this.

If you haven’t viewed how your tax money is being wasted you need to take a look at this white elephant.

John McInnis, Marysville