Letters in support of library levy

We’re urging you to vote yes for libraries on April 24 and here are just a few of the reasons why.

Sno-Isle is an excellent steward with your levy money. In 2009, when voters voted for the levy, Sno-Isle said no more levies for five years, which they then stretched to nine years, and they fully expect the same excellent, outstanding results.

Libraries are safe havens for our middle and high school students with all the educational and interesting programs that are offered after school hours. “Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation.”

-Walter Cronkite

It’s not enough to love your library. You need to vote yes.

Eileen Ray, Charleen O’Neal, Dawn Boyden, Shirley Nyenhuis


I am writing in support of the Sno-Isle Libraries levy lid lift. The library is not a place for just books. It is a place for people who want to learn and better themselves. Close to a million residents in the library district have library cards and 220,000 people have attended Sno-Isle Libraries classes and events.

By voting against the levy lid lift, you would be limiting the access to this educational resource to a large majority of our citizenry, including our children. When the voters approved the levy lid lift in 2009, Sno-Isle Libraries said that it would not have to do another levy lid lift for five years. It has now been nine years.

So these funds have been well-managed and administered, though expenses have increased. The 31 consecutive years of clean audits by Washington state show that Sno-Isle can be trusted with these public funds. It would be a disservice to our communities if the levy lid lift should fail.

Please help our families and friends in Snohomish County to continue being educated. Vote yes for libraries on April 24.

Jeanne Steffener, Marysville

Sno-Isle Libraries is asking voters to approve an operations levy that will maintain the valuable programming and resources that we all enjoy at our local libraries. The last time Sno-Isle asked the voters to approve a levy was in 2009, and they were able to stretch that five-year levy and make it last nine years. That demonstrates astute management and responsible use of public funds. Sno-Isle’s annual budget increases are capped at 1 percent, however the costs of running the library system continue to rise at a faster pace. This levy will help maintain current operations.

In 2017, 3.3 million people visited Sno-Isle Libraries and checked out 5.9 million items. Over 220,000 people of all ages attended programs at their community libraries. Many of these programs are geared toward children and teens.

For example, the library’s summer reading and activity program keeps students engaged in learning and ready for school in the fall. Sno-Isle provides programs such as Family Storytime, which helps prepare preschoolers for success, as well as homework help and after-school STEM classes for K-12 students. Libraries are so much more than a place to check out books. They are places to gather, learn, share, meet and participate in our community. They are also an important place for accessing information and support from the many informative programs provided at our libraries. Helping Sno-Isle restore its levy rate will provide benefits for years to come. Please join me in voting yes for libraries on April 24.

Kelli Smith, Darrington

Please vote yes for the Sno-Isle Library Operations Levy. Sno-Isle is asking voters to approve a 9-cent increase in the April 24 levy. This is not a new tax. It is needed to restore funding to the 2009 voter-approved level. Voting yes will help to maintain current library hours and staffing, continue to provide quality library materials, and maintain the current level of library services that we all have come to appreciate.

As a teacher, many of my students use the internet services that Sno-Isle provides 24/7. Students whose families cannot afford to purchase internet are welcome to use the library internet, even when the facility is closed. Also, many research materials and databases are available to anyone with a library card. Did you know that you can access the full online version of Consumer Reports, even if you don’t have a subscription? At the Sno-Isle website, when you enter your library card number, the full Consumer Reports website is available to you. If the levy does not pass, library hours will be reduced with fewer staff available, reduce materials and provide fewer programs such as children’s storytimes and others that many view essential. Please support all Sno-Isle libraries with your support of this levy lid lift. Ballots are due April 24.

Dawn Boyden, Arlington

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