Letters to the editor

Volunteer in schools

The single-biggest way most of us help support and raise our children is through our schools. These schools are concrete expressions of the care and vision we have for the next generation and for the future of our community.

The quality of each child’s school experience cannot be left up to anonymous “experts” or distant policy makers. These are our children, this is our community, and these are our schools.

And with ownership comes responsibility.

Here are two actions you can take:

1. Consider sharing your gifts, talents, experience, and support directly with our children as a volunteer. Every member of our community has an educational role to play, and our need for strong inter-generational relationships has never been greater. Contact me for more ideas on creative and meaningful ways you can share your strengths with our young people.

2. Keep investing in the physical structures where our children spend most of their waking hours by supporting the Capital Levy Feb. 11. I have been teaching for 30 years, and this levy will replace two schools (Liberty and Cascade elementaries) that were built long before I was born.

We may not be able to solve all the world’s problems, but together we can make our schools what we need them to be.

Jim Strickland, teacher, Marysville Getchell

Use the camera

If there is camera at 4th and State let’s use it.

Every time the green light comes on there is are three or four cars still coming through it.

Come on there is nothing that pressing.

Ralph Woodall, Marysville