Letters to the editor (July 22)

Vote for Sutherland

I have become weary of listening to politicians promise one thing and then govern differently. I stopped listening to what they say and started watching what they do. I found that neither party represents its constituents very well but seem to represent themselves, their careers and bank accounts well.

I stopped supporting parties and started supporting good people. Robert Sutherland is one of those people. I have had many lengthy conversations with Robert and find him to be as solid as they come and passionate about the rights of people.

We have very real problems at the county level. Prosecutors will no longer prosecute property crimes because they “can’t afford it”. However, my taxes keep going up. Where’s the money going? It’s not going to fix our traffic congestion. I sit in my car on the hill out of Lake Stevens for 40 minutes every morning to get to work. I’m tired of renting my house from the county with property taxes that have doubled since I bought it three years ago, but am not allowed to build anything on it. Robert feels the same. He thinks that people should not see their property taxes go up. Ever! I wholeheartedly agree.

We can do better. Join me in voting for Robert J. Sutherland for Snohomish County Council.

John Moselage, Granite Falls

Miller gets my vote

The Snohomish County Council race is about our future. Do we want a future of patchwork land use or a smart plan of sustainability moving forward? I am supporting Ray Miller for the District 1 council seat. The citizens deserve a real champion to maintain the rural atmosphere of the north county, as well as encourage business and infrastructure.

The county will grow, that is a given. How it grows will take guts and know-how. Ray Miller is a candidate who is willing to give 110 percent every day. Ray will work with the other council members to get the job done right. Please join me in supporting Ray Miller for County Council. Vote!

Mary Robbins, Everett

Nehring forward thinker

I had a chance to talk to District 1 County Councilman Nate Nehring and came away impressed with his knowledge of the issues and the work he is doing to move Snohomish County forward. Nate has been knocking on doors throughout Marysville, Arlington, Stanwood, Granite Falls and Darrington to find out what priorities constituents want him to work on. He told me that one of the common themes is jobs and especially jobs close to home so that traffic congestion can be avoided.

He walked me through the work that he is partnering with other leaders in north county on to bring family wage jobs to the area. Nehring is the kind of forward-thinking workhorse of a leader that we need. I will do all I can to make sure he stays on the county council in the upcoming election.

Katy Vaughan, Marysville

Ihler will work for us

My name is Corey Ihler, and I am voting for my brother Chris for Snohomish County Council. I have known this candidate my entire life, and I know why he is the best candidate in this race. Chris and I grew up in this county, we have friends here, and our brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts and grandparents live here. Our family and yours deserve someone who will work tirelessly to keep our community safe and prosperous. Chris has the perfect mix of financial, business and political experience to be our voice on the County Council. He will be relentless in his crusade to reduce government waste so the county’s resources are used efficiently to solve big problems and get results. Chris will keep government accountable for the safety and the prosperity of its citizens. That is why I am voting for Chris Ihler, and you should too.

Corey Ihler, Marysville

I am encouraging my fellow Marysville citizens to vote yes on the Proposition 1 Emergency Medical Services levy.

This will restore the levy rate to the same rate approved by voters in 2008 to main EMS services, including ambulances and paramedics.

EMS is one of the primary services provided by the Marysville Fire District and accounts for 88 percent of all responses for 2016.

Tom King, Marysville

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