Re-elect Margo Powell

On Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2009, Dr. Jeff Cartwright placed an advertisement for his campaign for the upcoming election for Hospital Commissioner Position 3.

As a taxpayer and more importantly a 17 year citizen of this community as well as a lifetime resident of Snohomish County, I take personal offense to the claims he makes in his one-half page advertisement, and others should too.

The Board Position term currently held by Margo Powell is currently expiring. Margo has chosen to run for re-election. She has served in this capacity for 10 years. Margo’s experience as a business owner and community activist has obviously given her the expertise to be a leader in our community. She is also a licensed/certified EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) as well as a licensed cosmetologist.

The chosen professions of each of our commissioners were brought into question in this political advertisement. My feeling is the physicians need to practice medicine and leave the business end of running a hospital to community members truly capable of having the time to be a part of the community. I certainly wouldn’t want a banker performing surgery on my knee or an orthopedic surgeon managing my money. How about you?

Snohomish County Hospital District No. 3 has been through turbulent times, but it has survived due to the diligent team effort of all the members of the Board of Commissioners, that includes Margo Powell.

In researching other hospital districts in the state of Washington the majority of them don’t have any physicians on their Board of Commissioners. They are structured much the same as Cascade Valley Hospital with a similar working Organizational Chart.

Physician attrition is paramount all over the country. Unfortunately, some parts of our country have higher insurance contract reimbursement rates than our area. The physicians we have on the hospital staff are knowledgeable in their respective fields. There are just not enough physicians available to come to Arlington. As in any profession, physicians are going to accept positions that can provide them with the best benefits for their personal life styles and needs. Cascade Valley Hospital and Arlington may not always be the best fit for all physicians.

For Dr. Jeff Cartwright to state “it is time to deal with the real issue of quality medical care for my beloved community” there are a few questions he needs to answer:

Why do you choose to take your surgical cases and refer advanced imaging and testing to other facilities?

Claim that Cascade Valley Hospital has an infection rate higher than other facilities, yet Cascade Valley Hospital continues to maintain its JCAHO accreditation year after year?

Theses two decisions have greatly affected our community by reducing revenue to the hospital and decreasing employment opportunities within our community.

Dr. Jeff Cartwright holds the position of Chief of Surgery at Skagit Valley Hospital (Skagit County Hospital District No. 1) and is running for the public office of Hospital Commissioner in Snohomish County Public Hospital District No. 3. Isn’t this a conflict of interest?

Should you be elected as Hospital Commissioner, when will you have time to serve effectively in both positions, maintain an active medical practice, and have any personal time?

Dr. Cartwright located to this area October 2003 and hasn’t supported Snohomish County Public Hospital District No. 3 up to this time, so would he really support it if he is elected to the Board of Commissioners?

Margo Powell does have a medical background and is a licensed/certified EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). Best to check facts before making statements that may not be true.

This advertisement also does not meet the requirements of WAC 390-18-010. I suggest that you make sure you are running your campaign according to the Public Disclosure Commissions Regulations.

Please vote yes to re-elect Margo Powell on November 3rd.

Steve Davis


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