Voice for change

I would like to talk about a voice for change, in the race for Hospital Commissioner Position No. 3. I do believe it is time for change, and I realize that change is hard; being part of the school board for 16 years I have experienced a lot of different change.

The first building lots of new schools in the times of rising enrollment. Yet this past year with the decline in enrollment coupled with the economy we had to riff people for the first time in my 16 years on the board. We are in the middle of change, and I realize that it can be scary, but it is necessary.

It leaves me to wonder what it is that the others fear about the positive change that Dr. Cartwright could bring to the hospital board. It would not be a conflict of interest for him to serve on the board as he has his own independent practice here in our community, yet he does do his surgeries at SVH where he is very well liked and has been recognized by his peers as Chief of the Department of Surgery.

I had a very large surgery in 1994 here at Arlington Hospital it was very scary to me, I took myself into the ER and when I tried to check in I was lectured about how overused the ER is and that maybe I should see my regular Dr. I did have an appointment four days from then with my GP. However I heard the lecture, and when I got up to leave to wait for my Thursday Dr. appointment I collapsed. I got lots of care then and ended up staying in the hospital for 10 days. I had one of the largest and longest surgeries of that time. I was diagnosed with stage three Non- Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I was thankful that my Oncologist who also worked at SVH where Arlington gets all its Oncologists from, which the Oncology department inside the CVH is, totally ran by SVH, and has been since July 2006.

My son was treated by Dr. Jeff Cartwright when he broke his ankle. I was out of state when this accident happened. He was admitted to the hospital late one evening and he had broken the ankle so badly that it required surgery.

Dr. Cartwright did his surgery, and was excellent at explaining things to me from a distance and even explained how a clean break could require so much hardware. The X-ray he shared with us was excellent and his care of my son was awesome.

When it did come time for a second surgery in which he had done at SVH. He was very professional when he asked if we would mind having the second surgery at SVH instead of Arlington. It was totally our decision, and one that we were happy to accommodate. He ultimately had three surgeries on his ankle and is very happy with the way in which it has healed.

It is sad that we as citizens in this great community feel much more comfortable going the further distance to receive our health care. I believe that we can make CVH the hospital of choice; however it will have to have a new image change. I am sure that you all have heard all the nicknames for the hospital in which I am going to chose to not be that negative. I just think it is time for change. Please vote Jeff Cartwright when you receive your ballots.

Carolyn Erickson


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