Vote for schools

Vote “Yes”

My wife and I are both teachers for Arlington Public Schools, and we feel fortunate to live in a pro-education community; however, we realize that does not always translate to substantive votes in ballot measures like those Feb. 11. Voting “yes” is a vital way to support our schools and larger community.

I often encourage my students to find their why. Your “why” is the feeling that compels you to do the work you want to do; I encourage you to find your “why” and translate that into a “yes” vote.

Vote “yes” to ensure the safety of students and staff.

If you value equity of opportunity for all students, vote “yes” to add much-needed learning spaces that prepare students for STEM career fields. Those opportunities will help us close existing racial and gender gaps in these fields. Vote “yes” to the construction of a new Post Middle School. A new Post can be a 21st century hub for community supports and opportunities for families in Arlington.

If you value economic investment vote “yes” to improve the aesthetic and economic value of our community. Research has shown that better-performing schools lead to higher home values and resale values. Whatever your “why” is, join me in voting “yes” Feb. 11.

Ben Ballew, Arlington

Vote for schools

Marysville voters, show that you care for students here in our fine town.

You will be mailed your ballot very soon for the Feb. 11 Marysville School District capital levy to rip down Liberty and Cascade elementary schools.

My first teaching assignment was in 1967 at Liberty for five years. I I ended my 30-year teaching career at Cascade. Liberty was built in 1951, and it needs to be ripped down, and rebuilt, and so does Cascade.

I would be sad if my granddaughter who will soon be in kindergarten had to attend either of those two dinosaur schools. Go visit them, and you will learn what I’m describing. Ripping those schools down would be the best possible start for children. This levy has to pass by simple majority. The passage won’t ruin anyone’s budget. The passage of this levy is important to the future generations of students in this school district. Show that you care about our students in Marysville and future generations.

Laurel Lundgren Parratt, Marysville

Quake concerns

No one likes taxes, but we also can’t have schools that are not safe. I’ve toured Post Middle School, and I understand that the cost of bringing it up to safety standards, including seismic codes, would be more or as much as the cost of building a new school. Those of us who remember the big Alaskan earthquake and the schools there that collapsed know the importance of the seismic code that has been developed since that quake. That’s just one of the safety concerns. Shootings at schools have become a major threat. The design of the existing school with classroom doors that open to the outside makes kids an easy target. We need a new school with hallways and the means to screen visitors and to lock the building down if there is a shooting threat.

Please vote “yes” for all three school propositions on the ballot for Arlington Public Schools. I’m writing primarily in support of Proposition 3 because it has failed to get the 60% super majority in two previous attempts, and because I will have three grandchildren who will be attending that school. Those of you who have voted “no” in the past, in my opinion, are shortsighted.

Dave Duskin, Arlington