BugBlast Reviews: Is Bug Blast Bug-Repelling Lamp Zapper Scam or Legit?

Bug Blast is a device that zaps mosquitos and other insects that can be hazardous to the user’s health. The device is easy to charge, and consumers can move it wherever they need to have coverage.

What is Bug Blast?

Nothing can ruin a good mood as fast as a bug bite can. These bites cause itching, spread infection, and can create incredible swelling. Some people are allergic to these bugs, which causes even greater dangers if they are bitten. The market has options for individuals who need to protect themselves, like bug spray or even citronella candles. As helpful as these options can be, bug spray can have a negative impact on sensitive skin, and citronella candles can release unwanted chemicals.

Bug Blast takes on bug control in a much different way. Instead of exposing the user to chemicals or worse, users activate a coil in the device that both attracts and kills the bugs upon contact. The device is lightweight, ensuring that users can bring it along wherever it goes. Rather than being constantly plugged in, it is charged with solar energy that works both indoors and outside.

With the warmer weather, many people are taking the opportunity to spend time outdoors, but flies and other bugs can make it difficult to stay outside for long. Eliminating the bugs makes any outdoor or indoor experience more enjoyable, which means that consumers spend less time stressing and feeling overwhelmed by the many bugs around them. Plus, users can place it in their bedroom to eliminate bugs that bite them in their sleep.

With over 32,000 customers who are already protecting themselves, this device also acts as a flashlight and a camping light with its safe illumination. Users can secure the device above them with the handle, or they can place it on the ground; the pest control will work in the same way.

How Does Bug Blast Eliminate Pests?

While most devices for eliminating bugs will use UV lights or LED lights, this device is much safer. It doesn’t involve any chemicals, and it is able to zap bugs with 1000 volts within a 375 square foot radius. Though it runs on solar energy, users will need to keep it plugged in at first to get the initial charge. When fully powered, it will last for 24 hours of protection.

To ensure that consumers constantly have the performance they want and need from Bug Blast, it uses solar power for indoor and outdoor use. There are no chemicals or toxins involved, and it is free of radiation.

Purchasing Bug Blast

While other websites have a variety of packages with different quantities that users can purchase, that’s not the case with Bug Blast. Instead, the creators allow users to see how well this device could work for their needs by offering the device for free. They will need to pay for the cost of shipping, which is $19.97.

The free trial of Bug Blast lasts for one month, during which time the user won’t pay for anything. After 30 days, users will be charged for the device if they want to keep it.

If the user finds that Bug Blast isn’t the right option for their needs, they have up to 30 days to get a refund from the creators.


Frequently Asked Questions About Bug Blast

What insects can Bug Blast eliminate?

This device is meant to deal with mosquitos, fruit flies, moths, gnats, flying beetles, and all the insects that users cannot see.

Where can the Bug Blast device be used?

This device is compatible with bug control indoors and outdoors. It can be used in a camping tent, office space, bedroom, backyard, or anywhere else that consumers want to eliminate bugs from.

Can users adjust how bright the LED light is?

Yes. With Bug Blast, users can adjust the light from dim to bright, depending on the ambiance they want to create comfortably.

How heavy is the Bug Blast device?

Bug Blast only weighs 7 ounces.

How do users charge Bug Blast?

Bug Blast comes with a micro-USB charger that it plugs into anywhere, even though it uses solar energy. With one charge, users should be able to keep it active for up to 24 hours to keep gnats, mosquitos, and other bugs away.

Is Bug Blast safe for inclement weather?

Yes. The creators state that the structure is built for extreme conditions, including snow, rain, and high heat.

The customer service team can be reached by calling 855-248-4914 or sending an email to support@bestaffordablegadgetdealsonline.com.


Bug Blast provides consumers with a solution for the insolent bugs that fill their home and the environment around it. Each bug is neutralized by the zapping mechanism in the center, which poses no risk to the customer. Plus, this device includes no chemicals so that users can just focus on the stress relief that comes with not having bugs in every room.

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