Energy For Joy Release and Align Visual Meditation Review

Meditation is not only practiced for spiritual nourishment but also for boosting overall wellness & productivity and reducing stress and depression. It’s a new way of life embraced by over 500 billion people globally, young and old. Sadly, most people find it difficult to practice meditation and stick to their meditation goals. That’s because of the unavailability of adequate tools and materials to inform people to perform meditation more efficiently. The available meditation books and teachers rarely give simple, clear instructions. Release and Align visual meditation is one of the best programs for helping people to perfect their meditation sessions to gain inner peace and happiness.

What is Release and Align?

Release and align is an 8-minute video providing the tools and information beginners and experts need to perfect their meditation art and achieve optimal levels of happiness and inner peace. The video has clear & supportive step-by-step instructions, mindfulness troubleshooting practice, and FAQs. Release and align visual meditation is for you if you’re learning or struggling to meditate with your eyes closed. It takes you on a 3-part passage. The first part comprises color patterns to release resistance; the second part teaches viewers to achieve equilibrium, while the 3rd one has color patterns to help viewers create a calm state of happiness and abundance. The release and align program comes in an mp4 video and PDF format User’s guide.

How Does Release and Align Visual Meditation Work?

Release and Align teaches you to practice meditation with your eyes open, enabling you to focus your energy, create a calm and positive environment, and manage stress. The program invented and formulated by world-class meditation experts comprises layered graphs and well-positioned patterns that send signals to your eyes’ photoreceptors, which are transformed into brainwave patterns. Visual meditation doesn’t require quieting your thoughts, as it’s the case with standard meditation approaches. Instead, it teaches you to focus, release negativity, align with joy and find equilibrium with your eyes open.

The guided video meditation program helps you align with your dreams and goals while releasing resistance and doubts that arise along the way. It works by enabling you to foster a sense of acceptance and appreciation.

What Are You Getting When you Buy the Program?

At $59, you’re getting an all-inclusive and reliable 8-minute meditation program segmented into multiple parts. The easy-to-download release and align video available in mp4 format will teach you the basics of meditating with your eyes open. Additionally, you’ll get an easy-to-understand and implement PDF user’s guide. All these come with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Who is Release and Align Visual Meditation Meant for?

Release and align visual meditation program is for if you’re too busy or unable to focus on your meditation sessions. The program cultivates a culture of self-realization, inner peace, and overall wellness through a guided visual meditation. You’ll find the release and align visual meditation program best suited for you if:

  • You’re struggling to meditate and build inner peace
  • You’re too busy to practice the standard meditation programs
  • You’re just getting started practicing meditation
  • You’re too stressed, depressed, and bored
  • You don’t find happiness in anything and everything happening around you
  • You feel lost and want to reconcile your mind, body, and soul

Benefits of Release and Align Visual Meditation Program

Regardless of your age, life struggles, and pains you’re experiencing, release and align visual meditation will help you to reclaim your lost glory. The program’s teachings will help you release the toxins and negativity around you while aligning your body, soul, and mind. The goal is to help you achieve a state of self-accomplishment and inner peace while aligning you with joy and happiness. These are benefits you’ll enjoy once you order this meditation program.

  • A clear, easy-to-understand video with precisely-positioned color patterns and layered graphs
  • Well-designed and perfected educational materials and tools to support your visual meditation
  • The 8-minute video will release all the toxins and negativity built inside of you, enabling you to attain equilibrium and align with joy
  • Attain a state of self-realization and abundance of inner peace, joy, and happiness
  • Connect your body, soul, and mind, enabling you to understand yourself better and avoid judging yourself negatively
  • Helps you to fight stress, depression, and related health problems, including insomnia, obesity, heart problems, and psychological health problems

How Safe is Release and Align Visual Meditation Program?

Although visual meditation programs are almost always safe, some teach things that expose the user to great risks. Yes, some programs teach things that can make the user harm themselves physically and mentally. Fortunately for you, the release and align visual meditation program has been confirmed safe and reliable. It only teaches time-tested and expert-approved visual meditation techniques that are not only effective but also safe.


When it comes to visual meditation, not every program provides the tools and materials needed for effective meditation. Some programs claim to be the best, yet they teach unreliable and unsafe visual meditation techniques that could physically harm the meditator. Release and align visual meditation is one of the safest and most compelling visual meditation programs you should try today.


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