The Wholesale Formula Reviews – Dan & Dylan Free Live Workshop? (New Report)

If you want to learn how to make your own money legitimately, it’s not always necessary to have an extensive business degree to pick up the skills you’ll need for success. Webinars are huge right now, and some of the better ones can teach you some of what sales and industry experts have applied to earn their fortunes.

The Wholesale Formula Seminar is an upcoming online seminar (or “webinar”) from online sales experts Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost that promises to teach you everything there is to know about a successful e-commerce sales model that they have used for their businesses.

The Wholesale Formula Seminar is not just like any other money-making seminar you see on the internet. Instead, the online webinar can provide its customers with significant and valuable advice about starting and running a successful e-commerce business is a proven way.

Instead of selling through other channels (like product distributors) who add their profits to the final price, The Wholesale Formula is all about how to seek out these best-selling products yourself and sell them to customers on Amazon while you make your profit.

According to Meadors and Frost, a business doesn’t have to be hard to start or manage.

Here’s what you should know about the Wholesale Formula Seminar, including more about its creators, the seminar itself, and how you can join them.

What is The Wholesale Formula Seminar?

The Wholesale Formula Seminar is an online seminar that says it can take you through the steps and structure to starting your own successful Amazon sales business.

While other sales seminars teach you the business of eyeing and convincing distributors to give you the best price on products, the Wholesale Formula Seminar says it can teach you how to look for the best products.

It’s not just an explanation of how to start a business but is advertised by its creators as a guide that takes you through each step and what to do in just two hours. The Wholesale Formula is focused on sales with a new angle that almost guarantees a higher profit margin than traditional selling.

Online stores and traditional e-commerce websites can have drawbacks. When each level of the supply or sales chain adds its margin to the price, you end up practically giving away your profit. The Wholesale Formula is rooted in removing the middle people and distributors and just finding great products to sell.

The Wholesale Formula says it can teach years of business knowledge and a successful sales method in a single, two-hour seminar. With just the experience they will show you during the seminar, Meadors and Frost say you’ll be able to kick your own business off the ground.

Who Created The Wholesale Formula Seminar?

The Wholesale Formula Seminar is a project created thanks to investors and business experts Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost. Their online biographies say they have earned more than thirty million through their successful businesses.


Dan is no stranger to the world of business and owns several of his own companies, including Spotlight Brand Services. He is successful in his own right as a business owner and manager.


According to what you can find about Dylan on the internet, he had humble beginnings and worked the old-fashioned way until he got together enough cash to start up his first Amazon sales business. After this, Dylan and Dan met up to create their collaborative projects, of which The Wholesale Formula is one.

The business pair say they have helped their seminar attendees to sell more than one billion worth of products on Amazon over the years. They are a particularly successful pair.

When is The Wholesale Formula Seminar?

Seminar details have been announced ahead of time on The Wholesale Formula Seminar website.

Book your spot ahead if you want to attend the online seminar in September 2022.

The live seminar will take an estimated two hours, though allow for some extra time after the seminar if you would like to attend the question and answer session with its creators via chat.

How much can you expect to pay to attend The Wholesale Formula Seminar?

Tickets cost $49.99 and can be paid online at the website.

There’s one more thing. The creators are so confident that you can learn everything needed to be successful from their seminar that they offer to give your money back if you don’t. If you don’t like what you hear during the seminar, you can opt out and contact them for a full refund.

What is Needed to Attend The Wholesale Formula Seminar?

Attendees only need themselves and a device with moderate to fast internet access. Webcams are unnecessary, and attendees aren’t expected to do awkward group exercises as part of the teaching method. Just show up, sign up and watch the seminar.

If you would like to make your notes as the seminar goes on, you might need a laptop or notebook. That’s up to you!

Of course, you’ll have to book your spot first.

About The Wholesale Formula

The Wholesale Formula isn’t new but is being presented in a new way by the seminar creators who have experience with it themselves. The Wholesale Formula is also known as reverse sourcing, a different spin on standard sales techniques with a high-profit margin attached to it.

The standard sales process that most companies and product distributors follow is this:

  • The Product Creator
  • The Wholesale Distributor
  • The Retailers
  • Amazon
  • The Consumers

That’s a whole hierarchy of sales before products get sold.

That’s a five-step process that the creators say could be unnecessary. When everyone gets their cut, why should you cut your profits in five other directions before you even get to make sales?

The reverse sourcing sales method instead sells directly from creators to consumers. You no longer have to rely on a middle-point for profit, but you become the one turning the products into money.

Reverse sourcing works for creators, customers, and businesses. Customers pay less without everyone adding their profit to the final sales price, creators get their products out there, and you get to make money as the person distributing these products.

According to Frost and Meadors, the secret to successful reverse sourcing is to find the right products to sell.

If you have failed at traditional sales methods, this could work well.

What’s Discussed in The Wholesale Formula Seminar?

The Wholesale Formula Seminar covers a lot within a short time.

According to the website, the seminar will take you through the reverse sourcing method and each step of doing this yourself.

Here’s some of what The Wholesale Formula Seminar reveals; the upcoming seminar will include:

  • Product Identification: The first part of the all-inclusive seminar will teach you to search for and identify the best-selling products. What do people want to buy, and how can you make sure they buy it from you?
  • Product Approval: The next part of the seminar will take you through the product approval process or make sure products get approved for sale through the proper online channels. What do products need to be to cut sales approval?
  • Reverse Sourcing Explained: The Wholesale Formula takes the reverse sourcing sales method and refines it into something everyone can understand and use. Here, you will learn exactly what The Wholesale Formula is and how to apply it for profit.
  • Basic Business Management: After you know more about the Wholesale Formula and how it works, the creators will give you some of their best essential business management advice. Here’s how to start your business and make sure it runs smoothly.
  • Amazon Crash Course: Amazon is the gateway to this sales method, and in this part of the seminar, they will take you through the sales end of the Amazon platform and teach you how to make the most out of what you see.

By the end of the seminar, the pair seem to be confident that attendees will know everything they should to start a successful, profitable business.

The Wholesale Formula Seminar Conclusion

If you want to learn anything new, start by asking people who have used this method successfully before. Meadors and Frost have years of experience running their successful businesses – and their fortunes have come from techniques just like the ones you’ll be taught in the seminar.

  • The Wholesale Formula is worth more than its cost if you consider the amounts you could earn with your own successful business using these skills. Even if you have never started a sales business before in your life, Meadors and Frost say they can teach you fundamental skills for business with what they have learned.

Visit The Wholesale Formula Seminar website to get signed up or contact the creators at

  • support@thewholesaleformula.com.