Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review – Does It Really Help Support Users?


Irritation that comes with getting out of bed or exiting a car may indicate that your hips are flexed too far forward. Several key muscles make up the hip flexors, all located on the front of the hip, and are responsible for flexion. Thus, if you don’t take care of them regularly, your muscles may shrink, tighten, or even become locked up. Hip flexors tighten and shorten due to sitting for long periods every day. This is a common occurrence for people who spend a lot of time at a desk or frequently travel by car or plane.

Our stride and balance might be impacted if our muscles shorten or tighten too much when we walk or run. Stretching tight hip flexors can also result in pain, particularly in the lower back and inner hip, which are interconnected. This is pretty severe since it can lead to harm if it hurts to move and you lack the balance to steady the way you carry yourself.

The most effective way to avoid this is to maintain a healthy range of motion in your hip flexors. This is where a program called “Unlock Your Hip Flexors” comes into play.

Rick Kaselj’s Unlock Your Hip Flexors provides a straightforward, easy-to-follow program for releasing your tight or locked hip flexors for more strength, improved health, and all-day energy. Rick has prepared a “sequence flow” for you consisting of 10 carefully chosen exercises for loosening the tight flexor muscles. By strengthening your hip muscles with the proper workouts, you can achieve a balance between your back and abdominal muscles, thereby eliminating persistent pain.

This review will look at the program’s features and benefits to help you decide if it’s the best fit for your needs.

Let’s jump in!

What exactly is Unlock Your Hip Flexors program?

In this online exercise program, you’ll learn a ‘Sequential circulation technique’ that will help you release your tight hip flexors, allowing you to move freely without pain and experience unexpected benefits. Rick claims that he can teach you the best ways to open up the stress and tightness in your muscles to live your life to the fullest.

The program includes ten workouts with comments from Rick on the optimum type and precisely how to target hard-to-reach PSOAS muscle, the root of tight hip flexors. Rick’s technique is not only practical because of his methods but also because of the order in which he employs them. Thus, your body’s natural recuperation process gets triggered, and your flexibility and energy also increase.

The program’s exercises deconstruct all tissues, including muscle, fascia, connective tissue, joint capsule, and scar tissue. Performing these movements in the proper sequence increases blood flow to the area to remove metabolic waste and lactic acid, lowers inflammation, and nourishes and revitalizes the area.

What does this program include?

It’s easy to employ Unlock Your Hip Flexors’ methods at home. The health benefits, nutrition suggestions, strength training tips, workout programs, and exercise routines can raise your energy levels and cure frozen hip flexors, particularly for individuals with back issues.

In the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program, you will get the following:

Unlock Your Hip Flexors DVD Video

Rick has filmed ten routines with detailed descriptions of working the psoas muscle, which is notoriously difficult to reach. The video content is divided into two sections:

Rick’s Coaching Instructional Video walks you through each workout and explains why you’re doing it, what type of workout is best, and how it should feel.

“Follow Along” format” allows you to follow along with the video without stopping for an explanation.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Manual

You’ll get a far more in-depth guide to the PSOAS muscle and how it affects your health and wellness. In addition, there are detailed descriptions and images of the specific exercises.

Bonus #1: Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings

The majority of people in the modern world earn their living from a seated position. In addition to working from home or in their automobiles, many people these days also make a job sitting down. The hamstrings get tenser due to sitting for long periods. Tight hamstrings are more prone to tearing than loose ones. Being overly tight in the hamstrings can cause the hips to bend back, resulting in lower back pain and a hunched posture.

This supplementary handbook is the key to a healthy back and excellent posture. This highly efficient program will prevent the probability of injury and enhance performance, correct posture, and treat lower back pain. It only takes 10-15 minutes a day to perform these exercises, which can help improve muscle condition and relax those tense hamstrings.

Bonus #2: The 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Chronic inflammation can harm your health, and one of the leading causes of this is the food you eat. Selecting the ideal meals to deal with your body and encouraging your natural recovery reaction will help you improve the response to swelling in your body.

The 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet includes meal selections, shopping lists, and advice for supplements. Instead of inducing pain and swelling that can lead to various long-term illnesses, your body will begin its natural recovery process in as little as 24 hours.

Bonus #3: Insider Access to the Unlock Your Body Inner Circle Community

You’ll also have access to Rick’s private Facebook community, supplement reviews, expert training calls, monthly workouts and health challenges, and more. The Unlock Your Body Inner Circle is a group of individuals, similar to yourself, who share their triumphs and encourage one another on the path to altering their health and body. It’s a wonderful place for women and men committed to improving their health and fitness to help and support one another.

What will you learn from this program?

Those who have problems with tight hamstrings and hip flexors will benefit from this program. Since the hip flexors are said to be the body’s engine and are also responsible for body language, it is critical to address any abnormalities.

You will discover the following:

  • How to reach and work on those hard-to-reach muscles with step-by-step videos that take you through every movement.
  • Why your hips are the most critical part of your body’s posture, and how does it affect your overall performance?
  • The impact of your body’s “Mighty Muscle” and how it affects your physical, psychological, and spiritual health.
  • How the body’s survival activity can be misled into irreversible “risk mode,” and how you can switch it off to achieve faster weight loss with more energy.
  • The most common reason for structural changes in your psoas muscle is a warning flag for your health.
  • Why your intense core workouts could be doing more harm than good for your hips?
  • How to prevent excessive hip flexion, which requires powerful legs and glutes?
  • How can your posture cause injury and tension, and how will your mental state be affected?
  • What you must do to correct those long-term imbalances before the damage is done?
  • How do “comfort” and “help” work against our natural physiology, and what we may do to start moving back in that direction?
  • What you can do today to regain optimal sexual health and how tight hips affect your sexual effectiveness by reducing blood flow and blood flow.
  • What causes “old-guy butt syndrome,” and how to prevent it by freeing up the hips, and why do some people suffer from it?
  • How to clear your mind and revitalize your brain by just learning how to relax the psoas muscle?
  • What are the two conditions you must be aware of for optimal athletic performance when training the glutes?
  • And much more!

How to unlock your Hip Flexors?

When it comes to releasing a stiff hip flexor, Rick says that you can easily do it independently. All the movements must be performed sequentially to access the PSOAS. To fully “unload” the muscle, Rick recommends attacking the tight muscle from various angles and utilizing a variety of workout methods and strategies.

Following are a variety of specific moves you can use to unlock and loosen up your hips, legs, and back:

PNF Stretching:

Proprioceptive neuromuscular aid is commonly known as PNF. You will learn how to activate a specific muscle to relax the muscles around a joint, reducing tension.

Dynamic Stretching:

You’ll learn how to activate the muscles around a joint in this exercise. Eventually, you’ll be able to move that joint through its full range of motion. As a result, the joint’s range of motion increases, the muscles around the joints are warmed up, and blood flow is boosted.

3-Dimensional Core Stability Exercises:

You’ll work the muscles in all planes of motion with these exercises. Because of this, the core and stomach muscles will be highly active, long-lasting, and strong in all directions of movement. As a result, the detrimental stress on joints is reduced.

Mobility Exercises:

You’ll learn from Rick how to strengthen the joints by focusing on various key motions and exercises that help the joint work better and move more effortlessly.

Fascia Stretching:

The fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds muscles, is the focus of this approach. This workout will show you how to loosen and lengthen it.

Muscle Activation Movements:

Our muscles aren’t operating as well as they should since we spend so much time sitting and using technology daily. This workout aims to activate the muscles that aren’t working correctly and help the body move more efficiently.


Q: How is this stretching program different from others that target hip flexibility?

A: What distinguishes Rick’s approach from others is his ability to unravel the psoas muscle’s many layers of tension to release and train it effectively. Rick’s unique sequential flow is the sure-fire way to get looser and healthier hips.

Q: What is the duration of the program?

A: The program can easily be completed within 10 to 15 minutes. Rick suggests incorporating the program as a routine for optimal outcomes over an extended time. You may decide to include this program before or after your regular gym session or use it independently.

Q: How soon will I see the results?

A: Although each individual is unique and outcomes may vary, we know from experience how soon you can feel and notice a difference. For some people, it may be as early as the first session. However, it may take a few sessions for others before they begin to get the full advantages.

Q: Do I need a gym or special equipment to exercise?

A: No. The exercises can be performed at any place in a very tiny space. You only use a wall for support for a few of the motions.

Where to buy Unlock Your Hip Flexors:

It’s possible to purchase the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program for $10 on the company’s main website. As a digital product, there are no shipping costs or delays. Every handbook for the program is available in PDF format. If you prefer to get your program “guides” in paper form, you will be charged an extra shipping fee. You’ll be able to access the program right soon after purchasing it. There’s no need to sit around and wait for anything. After you complete the payment process, you will be redirected to the subscription page, where you can download and view program content.

Purchasing this program is risk-free, as Rick offers a full 60-day money-back guarantee. For the next 60 days, try incorporating Rick’s simple ideas into your everyday workouts or using them on their own. In the unlikely situation that you’re not satisfied with the results, Rick encourages you to contact the support team and seek a speedy and problem-free, no questions asked 100% refund.


If you’ve been plagued by aches and pains that have kept you from exercising like a boss, the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program will help restore your body to its former health. With this program, you’ll learn how to loosen your locked hip flexors, tight hip flexors, and other muscles linked with the hip area. Loosening your hips will provide you with more power to succeed in sports and other physical activities.

Thanks to program workouts, you will get a good night’s sleep again. A well-aligned body means less discomfort and better sleep, which means you’ll wake up feeling energized and rejuvenated. You won’t have to travel to your therapist as frequently to get the same treatment for a recurrence of an injury or discomfort. Rick is ecstatic with the number of people who have signed up for the program and are reaping the rewards of the money they’ve invested.

Overall, the workouts of the program will allow you to defrost your slightly frozen hips and obtain the quality of life you have always desired.

Don’t waste any more time. Get the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program right now.


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