Bruce Thomas Smith

Bruce Thomas Smith passed away peacefully on Saturday, March 10 on Whidbey Island. Bruce was born June 24, 1928 in Ravensford North Carolina to John B. Smith and Charlotte Morris.

Bruce was a Southerner through and through. He spent most of his life traveling. In 1946 he joined the Coast Guard which was then a part of the Military; this would start his life serving his country. In 1954 he joined the Marine Corps. Bruce fought in WWII and the Korean War; he was also on the rifle team and received more commendations then can be named. He reached the rank of Sergeant. In 1965 he joined the Military Sea Transport Union and was able to see most of the world.

Other jobs that Bruce worked throughout his life included logging, rigging and crane operator. He also was a fireman and brakeman on Northern Pacific, Denver and Rio Grande Railroads as well as a conductor for Graham County Railroad Company. In 1974 he started working for the U.S. Forest Service. Eventually that worked him into a spot at the Naval Radio Station at Jim Creek where he would retire. Bruce was very proud to serve his country in any way he could.

Bruce T. Smith was preceded in death by his wife Betty Lean Smith and his grandson Sheldon T. Crawford. He is survived by three daughters Renee Crawford, Norrine Burt and Sharron Crawford; also by four grandchildren, Alisha Anderson, Kristi Deckard, Arnie Peterson and Stephanie Schmidt-Cook; as well as many great-grandchildren.

There will be a graveside service at the Darrington Cemetery on March 23 at 1pm in Darrington, Washington. Following the service there will be a memorial dinner at the Darrington Community Center. Arrangements are under direction of Weller Funeral Home, Arlington. Donations can be made with the Darrington Memorial Dinners group.

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