James Barry Miller

James Barry Miller, 51, born July 15th, 1965, in Seattle WA, died April 11th, 2017, at home in Arlington.

Jim came to live with Tim and Vicki Adams and family in 1975 at 9 years old. He was adopted and lived with them till his death. Jim had down syndrome, autism, was mentally about age 3, and had no speech, yet made his presence very known.

He loved music, He loved being part of Voices of the Village, the music program at Village Community Services (VCS), and performed with them – rocking, pounding on the keyboard and moving the chairs around. He enjoyed his after-music meals at Denny’s, watching TV, rearranging furniture at home, and wiping his nose and lips on the windows of the home and any car he was in. And let us not forget his obsession with flickering lights and locking all the doors.

He worked at VCS for 29 years, doing several jobs, ending with paper shredding at the VCS office and Smokey Point Community Church with his wonderful counselor Kate.

We are all better people due to sharing life with Jimmy, the sparkle in his eye, and silent but physical presence will be greatly missed. He loved his family and extended family, whether he gave a hug, grabbed your ankle and tossed your shoes, or giving you a surprise goosing… you knew you were loved by Jim, and he had lots of people who loved him. He is survived by his parents, Tim and Vicki Adams, siblings John Adams and Malynda McCarter. He was preceded in death by his brother, Sean, who was his constant companion for 35 years. He had many special family members and friends: Kimmy and Randy, Diona and their families, nieces and nephews, Damon, Dylan, Demri, Kia, Kennedy. They were his childhood family, that drug Jimmy around, dressing him up and playing Super Heroes.

Jimmy received wonderful care through Dr. David Janway and his dentist, Dr. Jeff Huleatt. Acquiring care for people with developmental disabilities can be difficult. Jimmy was very fortunate to have these people on his team.

We know the Lord sent Jimmy to us to teach us unconditional love, patience, not putting our expectations on others, just accepting them right where they’re at, and to not sweat the small stuff.

Please join us on Sunday, May 7th, 2017, at 4 p.m. to celebrate Jimmy’s life at Smokey Point Community Church, 17721 Smokey Point Blvd., Arlington, WA.

In lieu of flowers please make a designated tax-deductible gift to the Music Program through Village Community Services, 3210 Smokey Point Drive, which gave Jimmy a great community to be a part of.

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