Hits and misses

  • Saturday, April 6, 2019 1:30am
  • Opinion


Marysville’s Father-Daughter and Mother-Son dances.

The Fields of Dreams in Lakewood. That’s what happens when a community supports its schools.

Maryfest for bringing pro wrestling to town for the Strawberry Festival. Something very different and fun.

City historian Ken Cage was a big hit in the community. We will miss him.

That in Arlington we can invest in solar, but not have to pay for it at our own home.

That police caught the hit-and-run driver who killed Scott Williams in 2017. That one did not get away.

Teams that keep participating in the Relay for Life to raise money to fight cancer.

Marysville and Arlington both realize the importance of being in school so they are making up the snow days.

Teri Gobin being elected chairwoman of the Tulalip Tribes.

The success of Marysville Getchell’s Hi-Q team.

Maryville Rotary’s donation to Marysville schools to help fight bullying.

Arlington Kiwanis for honoring longtime member George Boulton.

The new uniforms for the Arlington band.

The new Arlington Valley Road that should help economic development.

Arlington schools for buying software to reduce maintenance costs and cut time on bus routes.

North County and Arlington fire for partnering to provide more services, apparently at no extra cost to taxpayers.

Arlington’s youth council that gives them a voice in city issues.

Village Community Services Supported Employment program for people with disabilities.

Plays at Arlington High School are getting so popular; might be good to sell tickets with assigned seating.

Arlington and Marysville are scheduling many great events already for this summer.

Marysville-Pilchuck’s basketball team for placing fourth at state.

I finally saw the episode of Hoarders about our local family. Wow, is about all I can say. Thanks to the city of Marysville for their part in helping that get cleaned up.


The hit-and-run driver who won’t come forward in the death of Matthew Colson.

That Poochapalooza couldn’t get enough volunteer help to keep it going. We will miss that event.

We’ve had attacks recently with a hatchet and a sword. I thought those were just on TV, not here.

People who have given up on supporting Relay for Life.

Marysville’s school board needs to go all over the city, like the mayor and police do.

That Arlington didn’t make the final cut for the reality TV show. Their loss.

Voters didn’t approve the school bond in Arlington for a third time, and then the district going to the state to try to have the bar lowered.

What’s with all the gas stations on Highway 530 just off I-5 leading to Arlington?

Shouldn’t a police officer who is right there pull over someone who blatantly goes through a red traffic signal?

It doesn’t seem right that spectators have to pay to watch soccer at local high schools while spectators can watch other spring sports for free. They should all be free.

Umpires need to be thick-skinned. I’ve seen some pretty sensitive ones at high school games.

Why can political signs be posted ad nauseum forever, but signs for good causes like the Relay for Life only stay up a day or two?

While newspapers at the Globe-Times office are free, it is still stealing if you take a bunch of them. Save some for others.

Not happy about paying taxes this year when usually you get money back? Me, too. Blame the House and Senate for barely passing that, along with Trump’s signature. But remember, we would pay much more under socialism.

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