Sonic Glow Brush Reviews – Scam or Legit SonicGlow Toothbrush to Use?

You can now try the Sonic Glow Brush to get whiter teeth that shine and a Hollywood smile. According to its manufacturer, this product received an award from the American Dental Association as the winner of the 2022 Innovation Award. SonicGlow is safe and 100% effective, with customers leaving positive reviews on their experience.

Read this review if you aren’t yet convinced of the Sonic Glow Brush. People will no longer want to use their regular toothbrushes when they learn how easily and effectively they can clean and whiten their smiles. The Sonic Glow Brush can be used for morning and evening oral hygiene routines.

What Is Sonic Glow Brush?

The Sonic Glow Brush is an advanced teeth-whitening device that can help anyone have a gorgeous smile without effort. Using Sonic Glow is much simpler than regular brushing. This device features an anti-microbial mouthpiece that, once placed on the teeth, offers a deep cleaning of crevices often missed with a standard toothbrush.

SonicGlow is dentist-approved and removes stains, microbes, and bacteria from the teeth and gums quickly and efficiently. For this reason, people have only good things to say about it. SonicGlow is made with cutting-edge technology that delivers effective cleaning and protection from gum recession and enamel erosion in the entire mouth.

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How Does SonicGlow Work?

Featuring an anti-bacterial LED mouthpiece, the SonicGlow Brush has three active settings for power. Its high-tech bristles eliminate the complex and old plaque while deep cleaning difficult-to-reach mouth corners. No one can do this with an ordinary toothbrush. When using SonicGlow, people have the healthiest oral hygiene.

They avoid oral health diseases that are very painful because this device provides the most comprehensive cleaning. In other words, they protect themselves from gum recession and enamel erosion, both caused by toothbrushes. SonicGlow precisely applies the proper pressure on teeth and gums and angles toward every tooth. When cleaning, it reaches the gum line, too. This teeth-cleaning device has a flexible and comfortable design, so most people will enjoy using it.

SonicGlow Features

Let’s see this device’s features to understand why SonicGlow is one of the most advanced and efficient teeth whitening products. These features are:

  • Made from antibacterial materials
  • 30-second mouth-deep cleaner
  • Silicone mouthpiece that’s gentle with the teeth and gums
  • LED-light whitening
  • Protective with the teeth’s enamel

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When Should People Use SonicGlow?

SonicGlow is the perfect teeth-whitening device for everyday use. But using it doesn’t involve staying at home and having a teeth cleaning routine. Not at all. Anyone can also use this device when traveling. SonicGlow’s primary purpose is whitening the teeth. Those who have business meetings and must smile a lot can use it, too.

They can take SonicGlow to the office without anyone noticing they are using it. This device is small, discreet, and doesn’t make loud noises. Last, SonicGlow is fast because there’s no need to make any effort when using it.

How to Use SonicGlow?

Using SonicGlow is way easier than using a toothbrush. People who buy this device should follow the next steps to have the cleanest teeth:

  • Turn Sonic Glow on.
  • Apply toothpaste on the device’s bristles.
  • Put SonicGlow in the mouth and adjust it until it’s snug around the teeth.
  • Adjust SonicGlow’s speed through power button presses and gently move the device up and down from left to right. Repeat for 30-50 seconds.

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What Makes the SonicGlow Brush Special?

SonicGlow is a unique product in its category. What makes it special are four other features similar toothbrushes, or other cleaning devices don’t have. These four features are:


Safe Brush Technology

SonicGlow was developed with Safe Brush Technology, patented to provide deep and gentle teeth cleaning. For this reason, using SonicGlow means fighting enamel erosion and gum recession.

Shockproof Casing

This device for the teeth is manufactured with the most durable Kevlar materials that withstand the roughest conditions.

Advanced Comfort

SonicGlow features an anti-microbial and ultra-flexible mouthpiece that provides advanced comfort while staying in place during deep and thorough cleaning sessions.


The American Dental Association gave SonicGlow the #1 prize at the 2022 Innovation Award. In other words, SonicGlow is appreciated and recognized by the best American dentists.

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SonicGlow Brush FAQ

Before buying SonicGlow, read the answers to this product’s frequently asked questions. Find these questions with their answers below.

Q. How long until I see SonicGlow Brush results?

A. Depending on users’ dental problems, SonicGlow completely whitens and deep cleans teeth in 1-3 weeks.

Q. Is SonicGlow a medical device?

A. No, SonicGlow is not a medical device. People can’t use it to fix teeth problems related to health. This brush only cleans the gums and teeth. It doesn’t cure mouth diseases.

Q. What’s in the SonicGlow box?

A. People who buy SonicGlow also get a Premium Wireless Fast Charging Dock FREE upgrade and the product’s instructions manual.

How Much Does SonicGlow Cost?

Anyone can buy SonicGlow from the product’s official website at 50% off. Those who want the SonicGlow should hurry while the following prices still last:

  • 1 Sonic Glow Brush for $89
  • 2 Sonic Glow Brushes for $68.50/brush
  • 4 Sonic Glow Brushes for $52.25/brush

Customers can pay using credit or debit cards and via PayPal or GooglePay. All SonicBrush devices come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Buyers who are unhappy with how this product works for them can return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

SonicGlow Contact

SonicGlow customer support service is available Mon – Fri 8 am – 5 pm MST at:

  • Phone: +1 (855) 265-5772
  • Email: support@sonicglowbrush.com
  • Sonic Glow Brush Returns: Returns Dept 11551 E 45th Ave Unit C Denver, CO 80239

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