Arlington golf takes third

SNOHOMISH — Every stroke counts in golf.

SNOHOMISH — Every stroke counts in golf.

As Snohomish hosted Arlington, Marysville and Stanwood, the visitors fell fewer than 10 strokes apart in the standings, though none came close to usurping their host for first place.

Ultimately, Stanwood took second to Snohomish (382) with a team score of 439, followed by Arlington at 441 and Marysville at 447.

Over 18 holes, that difference of three strokes is a small one.

Arlington junior Tyler Kent led the Eagles with 82 strokes on the par 72 course. While his score was among the best of the Marysville and Stanwood teams, Snohomish also produced the meet’s medalist, Dylan Stensland, who finished two strokes under par.

With an 83-stroke performance, Dylan Hunter had the second-best game by an Arlington player. Despite a break in the snowy, rainy weather, Arlington was missing their top player Chad Heise to a college exam and just underperforming on a course new to much of the team. Arlington coach Dan DeWitte said it was not his team’s best showing.

“We had a couple JV players up there. Nobody was very happy with their scores or how they played,” he said, adding, “It just sometimes happens in golf. You can have a couple of off days.”

No other Arlington golfer broke 90 strokes. Joe Cotê met that mark to finish third for the Eagles, followed a stroke further by Matt DeWitte. Austin Aiken rounded out the scoring set for Arlington with a 95-stroke game. D.J. Lockward also played for Arlington.

While it might have been disappointing to Arlington to fall so narrowly to Stanwood, DeWitte said his team practices to improve.

“We just keep practicing and working on our short game,” he said. “They keep improving every week.”