Douglas Buell

Marijuana legalization isn’t increasing crime in Arlington, state

Last in a series ARLINGTON – When Washington legalized recreational marijuana about five year ago, opponents warned violent crime would increase. Crime statistics tell a… Continue reading

Red Curtain Theatre ready to show off new look as opening night nears

MARYSVILLE - While the Red Curtain Theatre may not have the roadside marquee of a 5th Avenue Theater like in Seattle, the Randall family and… Continue reading

New Lakewood High School to open its doors for first day of class (slide show)

LAKEWOOD – Teachers and staff are still taking the wraps off the sleek new state-of-the-art Lakewood High School, but administrators assure that when the opening… Continue reading

Legal marijuana bringing sweet smell of success for producers, city

First in a series ARLINGTON – Brian Lade, president of Smokey Point Productions, grew his first marijuana plants clandestinely in the family garage when he… Continue reading

Sno-Isle Libraries identifies site for new Lakewood-Smokey Point Library

SMOKEY POINT – A new public library is coming to the Lakewood-Smokey Point area, but like the anticipation of pre-ordering the latest mystery book, you’ll… Continue reading

Cedars on 67th Apartments gives free back-to-school backpacks to tenant kids

MARYSVILLE – Owners of the Cedars on 67th Apartments hosted a kids party and backpack giveaway Aug. 11 to ensure children living there are prepared… Continue reading

2nd-hand heroin smoke gives 1st-responders, others more to worry about

As if there weren’t enough drug problems, now there is another. Three Arlington police officers were hospitalized Aug. 14 after having violent reactions to second-hand… Continue reading

Photo project highlights local farm resilience in challenging times

SNOHOMISH – The popular idiom “a picture is worth a thousand words” is almost as old as turn-of-the-century farming. The phrase aptly describes a photo… Continue reading

A more detailed look at Arlington’s new ‘stay out of drug area’ in Smokey Point

ARLINGTON – The Arlington City Council approved a Stay Out of Designated (Drug) Area law Monday aimed at keeping repeat offenders out of the Smokey… Continue reading

Love your city: hundreds take part in Marysville church’s 4-day I Heart campaign

MARYSVILLE – Nine years ago, Mike and Emily Hutchinson tragically lost their daughter Jenna to SIDS when she was only 10 weeks old. What followed… Continue reading

Top Cub Aircraft to build plant in Arlington for high-flying China market (slide show)

ARLINGTON – Top Cub Aircraft is building a new manufacturing facility at Arlington Municipal Airport that will build planes for the high-flying China market, an… Continue reading

Arlington neighbors get outdoors together for National Night Out

ARLINGTON – Arlington neighbors locked their doors and got outdoors for National Night Out Tuesday to send a message to criminals that they stand with… Continue reading

Beat the heat? Head for water

ARLINGTON – With the weather forecast predicting more sizzling temperatures and a continued smoky haze from fires in Darrington and British Columbia, it’s time to… Continue reading

Arlington mulls anti-drug activity zone in Smokey Point

ARLINGTON – The city may establish a designated anti-drug activity zone in the Smokey Point area to deter increasing drug-related criminal activity and impose tougher… Continue reading

Meet the all-stars behind the plate in Stilly Valley Little League concession stand

ARLINGTON – Stilly Valley Little League baseball games at Quake Field wouldn’t be the same without snacks from the concession stand and the all-star couple… Continue reading

Edgecomb Creek Fish Passage project under way

ARLINGTON – Construction is under way on the Edgecomb Creek Fish Passage state project just east of SR 531 (172nd Street NE) and 67th Avenue… Continue reading

In Arlington boxing ring, Parkinson’s is taking a beating (slideshow)

ARLINGTON – In an Arlington garage-turned boxing ring, Suzanne Taitingfong plants her feet, elbows up, gloves punching through “jab-jab-right” instructions into the pads that former… Continue reading

Let your story begin at the NW Genealogy Conference Aug. 16-19

ARLINGTON – For all the online digital tools and home DNA-testing kits that are revolutionizing genealogy, there’s one elusive branch of the family tree that… Continue reading

PBS’ Genealogy Roadshow host keynote speaker at upcoming NW Genealogy Conference Aug. 16-19 (audio)

ARLINGTON – Kenyatta Berry, host of the Genealogy Roadshow on PBS and a lawyer with over 15 years of experience in genealogical research and writing,… Continue reading

RFA making some headway

By Douglas Buell ARLINGTON - The path to create a regional fire authority consolidating Arlington, Marysville and Fire District 12 won’t be easy, but… Continue reading