Brainwashing must be a science all its own

The article, Political Brainwashing Endangers Marysville Schools’ Funding, by Maureen Martin, J.D. (published Wednesday, Aug. 4th,) bashes school board director Michael Kundu for stifling “legitimate and balanced scientific instruction.” Nothing is farther from the truth. Michael supports science and all instruction in his board decisions, by volunteering in the class, and by donating for curricular programs.

Heartland Institute takes aim at Kundu — here in Marysville?

The Heartland Institute sent a Booklet to school board presidents across the nation in an attempt to dispel global warming as junk science. Michael received his. He fired back with a letter to the school board presidents, not just the institute, and so the battle begins.

Who is The Heartland Institute?

Anyone using Google can look up The Heartland Institute. It takes on a variety of political causes. It has worked for the tobacco and oil industries, but there are others. Their paychecks come from companies like Exxon-Mobile or Phillip Morris. They use these funds to promote there is no evidence for global warming. They’re fighting any legislation that would regulate second hand smoke, like the recent new laws here in Washington. They publish a variety of journals aimed at federal and state officials. Maureen Martin’s name is often under the titles. Much of her work is available on the internet.

Who is Michael Kundu?

Michael is a resident of Marysville, not a hired pen from Chicago. Michael spends his time here in our neighborhoods working for us. When the school board and administration offered to cut teacher salaries causing the longest teacher strike in state history, he ran for school board to stop board directors from using Marysville as testing grounds for the fight against teacher unions (salary issue aside.) Working together the new school board replaced the Marysville administration with one of the most effective teams Marysville could possibly have. After many years of overcrowded classes, dilapidated buildings with many crusty, leaky portables, and a general inability to get anything done, Michael has been a leader among board members and administrators that has brightened our educational futures by investing in teachers and passing bonds. They’ve adopted curriculums as recently as this summer, replacing the unpopular high school Core Math. All in the midst of the greatest budget crisis we have ever seen. Because of Michael things get done!


Let’s face it. A fifth-grader could figure out that if you pay someone enough they will say what you want. Kids have the common sense to tell you that if it’s bad to smoke then it’s bad to stand next to someone who is smoking. They know that the stuff that comes out of the tail pipe of your car is pollution. Some of them can even tell you who Michael is as they see him in their classrooms. Michael supports legitimate and balanced scientific instruction, from curricular decisions at board meetings to volunteering time and thousands of dollars for classroom science instruction.

Maureen Martin hasn’t been in any Marysville classrooms lately. She’s good with a keyboard, though.

Proof positive

The residents of Marysville know the difference between a political action group from Chicago and the efforts of local leaders that make a difference in our schools.

Hank Palmer


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