Change is a must

I am writing this letter to voice how I, one of many residents of Arlington believe Dr. Jeff Cartwright could benefit CVH by being voted third on the board. I have lived my entire 36 years in Arlington and have had many visits to CVH, not many good. Long waiting periods, uncaring staff, Receptionist coming to your room asking for your hundred dollar copay as you lay crying covered in wires checking your heart (Yes that actually happened) My family and I now go to Skagit Valley for all our emergency and surgical needs. I had a massive heart attack almost a year ago today and even though it is farther away my husband knew something was really wrong and took me to SVH. Thanks to the staff at SVH I am alive and I have no doubt had I gone to CVH when my heart stopped beating they could not have handled it. I’m not your average heart attack criteria, I was only 35. Dr Cartwright has treated me for close to six years and in those years he has amazed me time and time again. He always listens, gets to the bottom of the problem and treats me as an individual. When I had my heart attack he was in my room at SVH minutes of me! My family was so impressed by him being there for me. Having a board member with the quality’s that Dr. Cartwright brings to the table can only improve CVH. He is a one of a kind and I look forward to the improvements that will follow if Dr. C is voted on the board. This town need a hospital it can trust with their live lives. Change is a must. I have every ounce of faith that Dr. C will invest in CVH as he has invested in my care.

Kristina Blankenship


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