Keep Margo Powell

By now it should be clear to any objective, clear thinking individual that Dr. Cartwright’s bid for a position on the Cascade Valley Hospital Board of Commissioners is an ego driven vendetta to atone for imagined past mistreatment or slight. Even Dr. Cartwright’s campaign has been an opportunity for him to wrongly malign the hospital and spread half truths and outright lies about the hospital. His claims of “staggering” losses from physician attrition and high infection rates have been disproven by the factual data. He has already started his quest to “Destroy Cascade Valley Hospital” even if he is not elected to the Board. One would have to wonder what possible legitimate reason a Medical Doctor would have for wanting to sit on the governing body of a hospital for which he holds such contempt, and for which he has eagerly spread false and damaging rumors. Voters of the hospital district also need to keep in mind that Dr Cartwright although he maintains an office in Arlington takes all of his surgeries to a Mt. Vernon hospital and apparently holds a position of leadership at the other hospital. Is this a conflict of interest? Please consider whether you would be more comfortable with continuing the leadership that Margo Powell has provided to the hospital district for the past eleven years as a public servant, and with no axe to grind, or electing someone who has already done as much as he can to damage the reputation of the hospital in the community.

D. Brooks


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