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Times needs balance

Times needs balance
The political views repeatedly expressed by your regular columnist Adele Ferguson, while welcome, are arguably not shared by at least half of your readership. Would it not be fair that her column space be equally shard by someone with an opposing viewpoint? In this critical election year, it is we the people who must make an informed decision about who will best work for us in these difficult times we face as a nation. Being subjected to only one biased viewpoint from an obvious fig-leaf partisan hack does not serve the best interest of our democracy. Please, lets have a more open dialogue of the issues. After all, we have nothing to lose but our democracy itself.
Alan Alexander

Bikini barista
I got a jolt from a local espresso stand today and it wasnt from the caffeine in the coffee.
I was disappointed, frustrated and saddened when I saw a young girl standing out in front of a local espresso stand with the top half of her body clad only in a skimpy bikini top that covered very little. She held a sign that advertised espresso, as the sign adjacent to her read, Bikini Barista. I am wondering what they are trying to sell here. In a world that seems to use sex as a marketing tool, I was disgusted to see that a local espresso stand has taken the bait and has decided to stoop to this level and sell something in addition to a simple cup of joe.
We have a long list now days of what we can add to our coffee: extra shots, flavored syrups, white chocolate or dark; and now sex seems to have been added to the list. I immediately decided that I will not patronize this particular espresso stand and I hope that others decide to do the same. Unfortunately, this espresso stand is located where I am forced to drive past it on a regular basis. I am angered that I am forced to see this every time I go by whether I am alone, with my husband or our three young boys. As I continued on my route, I was thrilled to see the sign at another espresso stand that stated: We serve it hot with our clothes on. I took a hard left into their parking lot and praised the barista for the message. She aired her frustration over the others decision to have bikini baristas and felt it was offensive and demeaning to her as a barista and a woman.
Where is your self respect here ladies? What really is your job title?
On a resume for future employment, what type of employer is looking for experience as a bikini barista? I would hope that higher standards would be set by this local small business and these young ladies with so much potential. If we tolerate and allow this I am afraid to think of what could be next.
Crystal Bates

Need to make changes
It was amusing and not surprising to see that there are still a few people living in Arlington that do not believe that the most recent trend in global warming is neither dangerous nor is it caused by humans. I, myself, was skeptical at first until I looked into the new research.
The research on global warming has been exhaustive and extensive and these days more than 90 percent of the scientific community accepts the facts. In looking at the CO2 levels back as far as seven ice ages ago, the CO2 levels have never been as high as they are now. The research points to humans and our industrialization as the cause. Of course, there will always be nay-sayers, even the great physicist Max Planck said, A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up thats familiar with it. But if we wait for a new generation, it will be too late.
The beauty of the research thats been shared so publicly in recent years is that many young minds have come to understand the situation. These young people are making a difference, not just in their actions, but by sharing information and setting good examples for us old farts that are resistant to change.
Yes, cleaning the rivers and roadsides is very important, but the problem is deeper. We cant just sit back and watch, we all need to make changes and accept the necessary changes in our lives that will solve some of the global warming problems we face today.
Alison Shaffor

More government
Mr. Hendrickson in his opinion seems concerned with how government seems to grow with the democrats in office. I dont claim to be educated in the vagaries of politics as he seems to be. However, I am a citizen and as such I have noticed that while the republicans indeed do try to shrink government, invariably the spending of that smaller government seems to increase. The deficit increases and large businesses seem to thrive.
While republicans scream about less government they seem to have no compulsion about imposing that government on other countries and spending billions of dollars and the precious blood of our children to do it. To them its perfectly reasonable to pay to impose our government on them, just dont try to increase funding for welfare programs here at home to help our needy; that costs too much.
Like I said, Im not an expert on government, but I do know, as a disabled American, that I can barely survive when the democrats are in office and I have to go to outside sources (if available) for help for basic services when the republicans are in office. I know something is wrong when elected officials vote themselves 16 percent cost of living wage increases and then turn around and tell those of us on SSA that the cost of living has only gone up 1 percent to 3 percent. I know somethings wrong when my monthly income goes up $22 and my rent and health insurance premiums go up $127 and groceries and gas are outside my budget. I know somethings wrong when funding to help the elderly and disabled pay for utilities or rent is cut while funding for aid to other countries and military spending grows with no one to account or oversee how it is spent.
As far as Im concerned the issue isnt more or less government, but effective government. Since neither party seems able or willing to accomplish that Ill go with the party that actually helps me in everyday, practical and real ways and if Mr. Hendrickson sees that as more, then hes right. It is more; more heat, more groceries, more medicine … and that kind of more I can deal with.
Donna Johnson

I dont know who Steve Stav is, or more specifically if he has a personal vendetta against Cindy Huleatt, the theater manager of the Byrnes Performing Arts Center.
I do know that in our family, we do as our parents taught us which is to roll up our sleeves and pitch in when we see something in our community that needs improving. When I was considering a move here, 15 years ago, I discussed my concerns with living in Arlington with a colleague who was raised here. I wasnt sure about the culture of the town or the emphasis on sports rather than art. She looked straight at me and said, But you could make it better. Thats all it took. We moved here shortly after.
Its not that I necessarily disagree with Mr. Stav, I only object to the way he went about it. In fact, I was surprised to read at the bottom of his letter that he was married to an Arlington native. I would think that she would have gently reminded him that an informal approach is more effective here, rather than a public chastising. For example, he could have invited Cindy out for a cup of coffee and said, Have you ever thought of…
Cindy, if youre reading this, I think you are doing a terrific job and I appreciate the years of hard work you, and others, put in to get the PAC built.
Mr. Stav, if you are reading this, Id like to invite you out for a cup of coffee. I prefer the Bluebird on Super Saturday.
Lynn Stone

Thank you foster parents
May is National Foster Care Month, and I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all foster parents for all the work they do caring for foster children. By opening their home and heart, they play a vital roll in the childs healing.
Foster Parents commitment leaves a mark on generations to come. Foster Parents are helping to break cycles of neglect, abuse and help a child to be the first in the family to finish high school and even go to college. All the children leave your home knowing there are many other paths in life.
Foster Parents dont get nearly enough thanks or recognition for all your efforts and we at Compass Health appreciate all you do and want you to know it.
Although all the children you have helped dont always tell you, their lives have been changed forever by having known you.
Thank you for sharing your family and your home, giving love and home to the children. Thank you is such a small phrase to convey all our feelings of appreciation. On behalf of the staff at Compass Health, we thank you.
Fran Barnett, Foster Home Licensor

Personal value
We believe the Arlington community needs to vote Yes in May to support the construction of a new library. Arlington has grown a lot since the existing library was built and it is too small to offer all the services required by the volume of children, students, adults and seniors who access the library.
Because there are more households to share the cost to build the library, families are getting a really good deal. We urge people to keep the additional $42 of annual property tax (based on a $300,000 home valuation) in perspective; $42 equals $3.50 per month.
Our monthly budget can absorb $3.50 in several ways many of them healthy when we consider skipping one dessert, one stop at our favorite coffee stand or exchanging one movie night for a family game night. We wont feel deprived when we consider the new librarys added value to this wonderful community.
Please think about how many resources a library provides its customers: books, music, movies, magazines and newspapers, special events, helpful staff, the list can go on. As a community that cares about each persons needs, we have an opportunity to help someone use the library to find a job, complete their homework, keep their mind alive or inspire toddlers and pre-school children to love reading because of story-time hour.
To us, approving a new library is similar to supporting the hospital improvements in Arlington. We may not plan to use the hospital, yet we know it will benefit many of our fellow community members. We believe its the right choice to make because its the right thing to do.
Bob and Wendy McClure

Knowledge is power
I think there should be a new library in Arlington because our town has grown and the facility we now have is to small for the size of the community. We need to promote reading because that is a gift that everyone should have in their life.
Reading and study can take a person many places that they may never imagined that they could physically go in their life time. At least they would have the knowledge of these places by reading about them. Knowledge is power and one can open up new avenues to life with it.
Hinda Bartoli

Build a resource
We have the opportunity to build a resource for our children, our parents, ourselves. Im talking about the request to build a new public library one that will provide enough space for fun, educational programs; more room for computers so that students can do their homework; more space for books, magazines, videos and CDs, and more reference materials (yes, there are still many of us who prefer to actually hold a book in our hands when were looking for answers or to copy a pattern or recipe from a book rather than spending time on line).
The new library will free up the existing building which will serve as a new community center a space that can accommodate meetings, art displays, a gathering of people with common interests an asset for our community uses.
Even though Im retired, on a fixed income and we as a community have recently voted to expand the hospital and to continue supporting our schools, when I look at the modest amount this new library will add to my budget, I really cant say no. Think about it only about 12-14 cents a day buys a new library.
Please join me in saying Yes to a new library. Together we can make it happen.
Jean B. Olson

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