Old Arlington

The streets of Arlington will never to the same.

The streets of Arlington will never to the same.
I remember when I was a child there was a boardwalk in front of the old Skaggs grocery store, where the Olympic Tavern is today. And the water fountain at the North end of Olympic Avenue, in front to the Presbyterian Church stands now as a restaurant. The parades started at the fountain, which was situated as turn around for cars. I lined up my Cub Scouts there.
Going west on Division Street ended at the Surrey building, and there was a gravel incline that went to the Sand and Gravel and farms next to the river called Dyke Road.
West Avenue was a neighborhood of homes, no businesses
Im glad Mayor Larson saved some of the old buildings. The Olympic Hotel still stands, but the old boarding house was torn down next to Jennifers dog grooming. The boarding house was for trainmen and loggers for over night stays which now they call bed and breakfast. Arlington was booming in those days. Richfield gas station was located in the Arlington parking lot next to JC Pennys, which now is a Mexican restaurant.
Its so much fun to look back and remember old Arlington, which will always remain in my mind, because it is, and always will be, a lovely place to be.
Florence Pryor

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