Wouldn’t it be nice to produce security and peace of mind? Oso

A question I ask myself lately is how can I consume less and produce more? Sure we can cut back on spending, take less trips in the car, etc.

A question I ask myself lately is how can I consume less and produce more? Sure we can cut back on spending, take less trips in the car, etc.

Yet what can I produce? An example of production that I started is crocheting my own dish-washcloths. I have a huge bag of yarn that I bought from a thrift store years ago, waiting to be made into hats, scarves and useful washcloths. I also have sheep that we just recently acquired and sheared their wool for yarn.

Perhaps more people can come up with producing something at home. Can you make jam or pickles? Are you good at sewing? Or woodworking and welding? The options are endless, use the skills you already have or learn something new. It’ll be fun. Share your skills with family, friends and neighbors. Trade for things you need.

With consuming less time driving, less gas and buying whatever you were going to get we can spend more time with family and getting to know your neighbors. We’re all in the same boat. Networking to help each other get through the economic tough times ahead would benefit all. In other words, building community. Building community weaves strong connections with people around us. So that when somebody falls, they won’t fall very far. The family, the friends, the community will be able to support you.

So if we take on this project of producing we’ll not only produce just washcloths, food or firewood. We’ll produce quality time with family and friends. We’ll produce security. We’ll produce a peace of mind. Wouldn’t that be nice?

I challenge the people who read this paper to ask yourselves the same question as I did. And let us know. Perhaps we’re neighbors.

Sierra Mencucci

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