Runners raise money for girl who beat cancer

Dozens of runners participated in the 8th Annual Cupcake Fun Run March 25 to raise money for Layla Beckstrand, a local girl who spent the last year beating cancer. “We’re doing great,except for the cold season,” said her mom, Jessica.

Layla even participated in the Kids’ Run, along with her older brother Owen. “This is hard,” she said as she neared the finish line with her mom.

Jessica said she was thankful, however, for all of those who do. “It’s amazing what people do for each other,” she said.

Some of the runners dressed up in costumes for different causes. One group – called Team Heart Warrior – came from Portland, Ore., as part of Ainsley’s Angels.

The highlight of the event for the kids, and probably some of the adults, too, was the cupcakes, which runners got to eat when their races were over. Shirts that say “Fueled by Cupcakes” were sold tobring in money, along with blinky rings.

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