Pamela, Raven, Sunshine Rapinan

Pamela, Raven, Sunshine Rapinan from Arlington, WA, born June 8, 1964, was as full of life as a being could be.

Born in Long Beach, CA, she knew at a young age that she had a gift. As she grew and learned she harnessed that energy to use for good in those around her. Always using her positive energy to uplift those friends in need, manifest what she needed, and spread beauty and love wherever she went.

She loved unconditionally and always had an open door. She was so proud to be a mommy and loved her children with all her being.

Her life led her to massage school at Ashmead, where she further strengthened her healing gift and used that for a platform to do amazing things. Every year she would massage the masses at cons around the state.

She dropped everything and drove to Oso, WA, to massage and care for the first responders and families of those effected in the slide in 2014, meeting and loving on that whole community for the weeks following that horrific day. She made a healing center out of her home and welcomed goddesses from all walks of life to heal, recharge, love and learn.

She loved an adventure, walking the labyrinth, being in the woods, traveling to Hawaii, taking care of people, her kids, her friends and family. She loved food and gatherings, dressing up at cons, growing spiritually, fancy coffees with whip cream and caramel, babies, hula hoops, dancing, and overall she loved Life.

We hope that you remember our lovely Pamela and keep her energy alive by spreading unconditional love and kindness to those around you, choosing happy, and finding beauty in the day to day. Life is an amazing adventure that we are blessed to be a part of. Pamela is survived by her son, Nathen Rapinan, two adult children, siblings-Kay Brooks, Mariano Caujao, Tracy Caujao and Jason Rapinan, and her parents, Leopoldo and Marie Rapinan. Her beloved Jesse Gentry and, of course, her dogs Mop, Bandit and Ladybug. She had special relationships with many; they were all dear to her heart. Being with family and friends was life for her. Pamela will be forever missed and loved, until we meet her again – love and light.

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