Letters to the editor

Vote for Ihler

I grew up living in Arlington with Chris and the Ihler family. They are great people with integrity, and Chris is someone we can trust to solve problems at the county.

As an entrepreneur, Chris has a small digital manufacturing company. He will use his entrepreneurial experience to encourage local job growth so people can live where they work.

As a business professional, Chris has years of private sector experience most notably working with $400 million at Amazon. He is the only candidate we can trust to reduce waste at the $888 million county budget and reduce tax burdens for those on tight budgets or fixed incomes.

I am voting for local jobs and less taxes. Vote Chris Ihler for Snohomish County.

Brent Robertson, Arlington

Unite for women

Are there Christian women in Snohomish County who are concerned about human rights; hunger and poverty; health and wellness; or diversity and inclusiveness? These are the Quadrennial Priorities (’16 – ’20) for a national ecumenical movement of Christian Women in the United States and Puerto Rico, whose lives center around prayer, Bible study, advocacy and action. Since 1941, Church Women United has been a racially, culturally and theologically inclusive women’s movement with local and state units, regional gatherings and national assemblies where women celebrate unity in diversity and work for a world of peace and justice. For many years there has been a Snohomish/Island County unit. With all the problems the world is facing, CWU can be a vital movement, drawing together women of all ages who will collectively work, write, call and celebrate our togetherness. For more information, go to our national website for Church Women United, or contact me.

Jeannine “Jeannie” Lish

State president

Church Women United


Nehring works hard

I have never seen an elected official work harder to make a positive impact for constituents than our current County Councilman Nate Nehring.

You would also be hard pressed to find someone who studies local issues and potential solutions more than he does.

Nate has a wealth of experience gained from his time on the Snohomish County Council as well as through serving on several local boards and committees. This has given him critical insight into what is needed to make the county a better place to live and do business. When you work with Nate you discover that he has a rare ability to quickly understand key points regarding issues facing his constituents coupled with an understanding of how to find solutions and work to implement them.

Nate is a truly principled individual of high character. He is endorsed by John Koster and Ken Klein, who both served in the position previously and saw in him the same high level of competence that his constituents have. My family and I will be casting our vote to retain Nate Nehring in the Aug. 1 election, and I hope you will too. We need him to continue his great work for District 1 on the Snohomish County Council.

James Graves, Marysville

Safety top priority

Public safety should always prevail when loss of life, limb and/or damage to any property are at risk. City-wide irresponsibility with fireworks, many illegal, had become prevalent during the previously unenforceable Marysville Municipal Code. The City Council’s full ban was in the best interest of everyone. Your personal opinion should never take precedence over public safety.

In your July 2 editorial, you were correct to connect concern to fireworks, alcohol consumption and DUI, but you missed an excellent opportunity to address, encourage and promote the need for individual responsibility. Unfortunately Fire Marshal Tom Maloney did not let that slide.

Our city administration has worked long and hard to develop Ebey Waterfront Park, including the walking trails. Any visible fireworks residue and/or burned out areas there would not be acceptable. Please rescind your endorsement of any fireworks event in that area.

Instead, why not promote a Tulalip designated area for discharge of fireworks? Nothing about that is more complicated than being good neighbors.

Robert Pearce, Marysville

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