Praise and raze (Feb. 18)

  • Sunday, February 19, 2017 1:30am
  • Opinion

Raze to those rushing to judgment in the shooting by officers in Arlington. When that happens bad things occur, such as in Ferguson, Missouri. Let the professionals do their jobs. Quick decisionswithout all the facts can lead to bad results. Society is in too big of a hurry nowadays. There is a reason the wheels of justice turn slowly.

Praise to residents of the Hidden Lake Estates neighborhood for packing a meeting with the mayor this week. The squeaky wheel certainly is a good way to get things done in Marysville, especially whenit comes to drug houses.

Praise to three students at the Tulalip campus for bringing awareness about the problem of Teen Anxiety. It’s way past time to talk about mental illness.

Raze that the Marysville Cold-Weather Shelter closed without having a backup plan.

Praise to those churches that stepped up to fill the emergency need.

Praise to Marysville police for putting on its Citizens Academy so the public can find out more about their jobs.

Praise to Everett Community College for providing free education to at-risk students, giving them a much-needed second chance.

Praise that some Marysville school buses will have cameras on them to catch law-breakers in the act.

Raze to drug dealers for lacing deadly drugs with even deadlier drugs. Makes no sense.

Raze that we live in a society where a police officer has to teach churchgoers what to do in case of an active shooter situation.

Praise to all who helped out at Lakewood family burned out of their home.

Praise to the Marysville School District for teaching eighth-graders’ families about the new 24-credit requirement.

And praise to the MSD for trying to figure out a way for them to reach that milestone.

Praise to Quil Ceda-Tulalip Elementary for putting on a Cultural Fair when the community really needed one.

Praise to those who volunteered for the Point in Time homeless count, which in the past has helped some break away from that lifestyle.

Praise that Arlington now has Glidescopes, which help medics check the airways of patients in an emergency.

Praise to Sandy Cattis, the longtime Arlington Special Olympics coach who is resigning and helping to find a replacement.

Praise to Arlington rescuers who saved two men and a dog from a cliff recently.

Praise to Community Transit for its “Curb the Congestion” program. It keeps people off the road and reduces our carbon footprint.

Raze that more businesses aren’t using it.

Praise to those involved in trying to bring a Manufacturing Center here. There have been many service-related jobs added to our economy the past decade. But we need more family wage jobs so peoplecan afford to stay here.

Praise to the Arlington Awaits program. What a great way to sell your community as a place to go.

Praise to Arlington’s makerspace efforts that will enable inventors to work together. That’s how some of our country’s greatest achievements have occurred.

Raze to Marysville schools for not having students watch the inauguration, when previously it had.

Praise to Marysville police for promoting its leadership. That is a great way to keep good people around and keep them motivated. More employers should do the same.

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