3 retired judges voice support for Okoloko

After a 23-year career as a Snohomish County judge, having served over 18 years on Superior Court, I retired last year. I still have a strong interest in maintaining and improving the quality of our judiciary.

It is for that reason that I am working hard for Judge Edirin Okoloko’s election.

Judge Okoloko has been serving with distinction on he Superior Court bench. All of the current Superior Court judges have endorsed him, as have over 100 judges from across the state. Almost 70% of the lawyers who practice in our county’s courts picked Judge Okoloko as their top choice. He has been rated “exceptionally well qualified” by three independent Bar associations, including Washington Women Lawyers.

Prior to his appointment, Judge Okoloko was a career prosecutor, and I had the pleasure of seeing his courtroom skills many times. He was well-prepared, ethical, honest, and showed compassion for crime victims and their families. As a judge he listens carefully and respectfully to all those who come before him.

It is my opinion that both the court and the community benefit from diversity. We need to reflect the community we serve.

We are fortunate to have Judge Okoloko. We need to retain him.

Judge Ellen Fair (retired)



Among many important decisions in the upcoming November election is for whom to cast your vote for Snohomish County Superior Court judge. I urge you to choose the incumbent, Judge Edirin Okoloko, for position 7.

I have known this fine man since the first days of his legal career. I say, without reservation, that he was an outstanding attorney and is now an outstanding judge. From a legal perspective, he is knowledgeable and has a keenly analytical mind. More importantly, from a human perspective, he is a fundamentally fair and decent man.

Judges daily make decisions involving the lives and affairs of real people in real cases. Judge Okoloko approaches all of those decisions with an open mind and with respect for the dignity of those who appear before him while at the same time remaining aware of his obligation to follow the applicable law. This is the most any judge can do. Judge Okoloko does it exceptionally well.

Michael T Downes

Retired Snohomish County Superior Court judge


In my 39 years as a judge, I had the pleasure of serving with many good judges. A year ago, the governor selected Edirin Okoloko from a large field of candidates to fill a vacancy in Snohomish County Superior Court, and since he took office, Judge Okoloko has distinguished himself as one of the most- dedicated judges on the bench. Before his appointment, Judge Okoloko was a deputy prosecutor for Snohomish County for 13 years. He was a seasoned trial attorney.

On the bench, Judge Okoloko has shown a bright legal mind, patience with litigants, and a dedication to making fair and reasoned decisions. He has a passion to see that the rule of law is properly applied to the facts presented in court. He has been called upon to make judicial decisions in a wide range of civil litigation, family law matters and felony criminal cases.

Judge Okoloko is running for election to retain his judicial position. He is endorsed by all 14 of his Superior Court colleagues, 13 district or municipal court judges, nine retired Superior Court judges and over 100 judges statewide. In a recent poll of Snohomish County lawyers, Judge Okoloko was the top choice. He is a rising star and a future leader in Washington state’s judiciary. Thomas J. Wynne

Retired Superior Court judge