Arctos Portable AC Reviews – Is Arctos Cooler Effective or Scam?

Science has come a long way in the ride of innovations. Every day there is a product that is better than the one you used yesterday. The idea is to save time, money, and energy.

For the scorching heat and the rise in temperatures due to factors like global warming, we have come from using hand fans to room fans and then air conditioners and coolers.

There are a hundred options available for us. But to find a suitable product in terms of quality without digging a hole in our pockets is rare. It’s difficult to find a product that lasts longer and is worth the price.

Today, to put an end to this search we bring a review of air coolers from Arctos. Arctos Portable air coolers are the coolest. Period. They have so many features for such a good price and there is no questioning about the quality.

Our research and development team has put in hours to make sure that the review is honest and well researched so there is no scope of getting around any fraudulent or cheap companies that are all say but no show.

Without further ado, let’s first get to know this product.

Product Name Arctos Portable AC
Category Electronics
  • $90 for 1
  • $180 for 2
  • $202 for 3
  • $247 for 4
  • Where to purchase Official website
  • Compact size
  • Good pricing
  • Custom speed modes
  • Mood lights
  • Easy installation and service
  • No noise
  • Cons
  • Might not work for extremely large halls
  • Need a change of water every day
  • Guarantee 60-day money-back guarantee. Full money will be refunded if unsatisfied with the product.

    What is Arctos Portable AC?

    At first look, Arctos Portable AC is a small box kind of object that you wouldn’t believe would cool you efficiently. The body of the product is very modern and tiny compared to the big air coolers that took up a significant part of your room.

    The Arctos Portable AC also has some amazing features that make it a unique product. It comes with a 450 ml easily cleanable water tank, adjustable vent, 3 fan speeds, replaceable filter, and the most important feature, rapid cooling.

    The Arctos AC has three different speed modes and it is great for moisture and humidity. It can cool any space within a very short time. It requires less energy than air conditioners. This product can be carried to any cafe, beach, or outing. It won’t even take up a lot of room in your house.

    With that said, now let’s check out some important features of the product.

    Features and Benefits of Arctos Portable AC:

    Any electronic product is worth the price if it runs for a considerable time and doesn’t require too many services or repairs. The quality of the product shouldn’t dissipate fast.

    Arctos Portable AC comes with some features that are not found frequently for the stated price and benefits that can surely make you look back again. Let’s check those out:


    If you’re looking for economical options to stay chilled in the warm weather, Arctos is just what you look for. It’s ‘cool’ on the pockets. While an average air conditioner can cause $800, in addition to soaring utility bills, Arctos is one-tenth of its rate. Real customers have reviewed the product saying that Arctos does an amazing job of cooling personal spaces without the use of large air conditioning units. This may decrease your bills by a considerable rate if you have been using a large unit to cool an area.

    Effortless Use:

    Electronic machines, let’s face it, are difficult to install and they require servicing. Arctos AC comes with a water tank that’s easy to clean. You just need to plug it in. The on and off buttons are on the top. You can also choose between speed modes and easily get it serviced for changing the water filter within 1-3 months, depending on how much you use it. This makes it easier to carry it and it deletes all the hassle of wiring.

    Fast cooling:

    The main feature and benefit coming from these producers is how fast it cools a particular area. This product might look small but it works great in the cooling department. It makes one part cooler and then the surroundings.

    You’ll be able to cool your space quickly. The mechanism also works for using fresh air each time and not cooling the stale air again and again.


    The Arctos Portable AC has high, low, and medium-speed options. This can make the product work for many space options. The speeds can help in proper cooling in any possible season as well. This feature is seldom found in such compact products.

    So these are some benefits of the Arctos Portable AC. It’s one of a kind and the pricing for the same is described below.

    How Much Does Arctos Cost?

    Any product is only good to survive in the market if it comes with a good price for quality. No consumer would buy an overpriced product no matter how unique or new it is. The Arctos company has paid good attention and brought to you a product that is so worth its price.

    The Arctos Portable AC is available at a 55% discount from their official website. If you buy in bulk, you save more. One product comes for $90, two for $180, three for $202, and four for $247.

    Owing to the features and performance, the Arctos Portable AC will undoubtedly soon become a much-in-demand product on the market. For what is worth it, the pricing of the product is best.

    Even in comparison with other air conditioners and air coolers, the pricing and the other additional charges seem better on the side of this Arctos product. So do give it a thought.

    Mechanism Of The Product: Evaporative Cooling

    Arctos Portable AC is apt for relatively dry climates like that of the USA, where the humidity levels are low. This is because they use the evaporative cooling method in the mechanism.

    This type of mechanism works well in raising the humidity levels on the inside. For the body, it is said to treat sinuses and also helps in rehydrating the skin. Now let’s see what this mechanism is.

    The evaporative cooling mechanism works by using water pads that come in contact with the outdoor air. With the warmth the water in the pads evaporates, giving you cool air inside the room.

    While air conditioners use the same air, again and again, this cooler uses fresh air, keeping the room void of any stale air. It’s best because it takes care of temperature as well as humidity.

    While the humidity level is good, you can use this cooler as a fan as well. This AC comes with three-speed modes which can make it the best for any season.

    Moreover, the evaporative mechanism is not much of a hassle. It requires servicing based on usage. If you use it more in summer it requires frequent servicing. If you use it less in winter, you can have it checked accordingly.

    The process of cleaning the product is also very easy. This mechanism is well explained to you now so that you can make a correct choice. Arctos Portable AC is one of its kind.

    Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing The Best Air Cooler

    If for some reason you do not opt for Arctos Portable AC, we are here to help you choose the best air cooler for yourself. For that, we are providing you with some specific points that you can take into consideration while buying an air cooler.

    We have made sure that we went through these criteria before choosing Arctos.

    You should also check the energy consumption of the product. Make sure you do not choose a product that is low on energy consumption.

    Space matters. If you stay in a small space, choose a smaller product. If you stay in a big place, choose a bigger product. Or a product that can at least function for a big space.

    Give a good look at the filters used in the product and keep a track of how and when they require servicing and cleaning.

    If you stay in a humid place, opt for fans. If you stay in a dry place, opt for evaporative coolers. The climate outside matters a lot in how a cooler would function.

    Make sure that the body of your product has ABS plastic and not normal plastic that is used in household items. ABS plastic is tougher than that.

    So make sure to check off all these points in the list while buying a suitable air cooler. This will aid you in saving time, energy, and money.

    What Are The Benefits Of Portable Air Cooler

    If you are looking for a device that will keep your home comfortable all year round, then a portable air cooler is what you need. These devices offer the same benefits as regular air conditioners but with much more advantages:

    Here are some of the advantages of using a portable air cooler:

    1) It doesn’t use much electricity:

    A portable air cooler uses less electricity than a traditional air conditioner. This means that you won’t have to pay high utility bills every month.

    2) You can move them around easily:

    Arctos Portable AC with you if you travel frequently. Unlike a window air conditioner, a portable air cooler does not require permanent installation.

    3) It is easy to clean:

    Unlike a window air conditioner which requires cleaning every day, a portable air cooler needs only cleaning once in a while.

    4) It is lightweight:

    The weight of a portable air cooler is very light compared to other air conditioners. This makes it easier to carry around.

    5) It has no moving parts:

    A portable air cooler does not have any moving parts such as fans, motors, compressors etc. Therefore, these devices are more durable than their counterparts.

    6) It is quiet:

    A portable air cooler is quieter than a window air conditioner. This makes it ideal for places like bedrooms, offices, living rooms, etc.

    7) It is affordable:

    Compared to window air conditioners, portable air cooler are cheaper. In fact, most models cost under $100.

    8) It is easy to install:

    Most portable air coolers come with detailed instructions on how to set up the machine. All you need to do is follow the steps provided by the manufacturer.

    9) It is maintenance-free:

    Unlike window air conditioners, a portable air cooler requires almost no maintenance. It does require cleaning or replacing filters every few months.

    10) It can be used indoors or outdoors:

    Most portable air coolers work well both inside and outside. They can even be used during rainy days.

    11) It provides great comfort:

    When you are away from home, you may feel uncomfortable due to the heat. A portable air air coolers do away with all the moving parts found in window air conditioners.

    12) It is compact:

    Portable air cools can fit in small spaces, unlike window air conditioners.

    13) It comes with a warranty:

    Many manufacturers offer warranties on their products. If something goes wrong with your portable air cooler, you can take it back to the store where you purchased it from and get a replacement.

    14) It is versatile:

    Portable air conditioners can be used in many different ways. For example, you can use them in cars, boats, tents, trailers, RVs, etc.

    Contacting The Company:

    If you have questions about the portable air cooler or the ordering process, their support team can be reached at the following addresses:

    • Phone: +1 866-304-4241
    • Email: rctos@rephelpdesk.com
    • Address: 21 Law Drive, Fairfield, NJ 07004

    Final Verdict – Should You Invest In Arctos Portable AC?

    Electricity makes up a significant amount of our income. With the summers, the bill only sees a rise. After a long tiring day, you don’t want to sit and have an air conditioner cool your room at a slow pace.

    Arctos Portable AC is not just great with rapid cooling, as said by a lot of customers, but it is great for energy consumption as well. The bills will see a considerable change once you start using this product.

    The colorful lights available on the top of the product are also a new add-on. They can work as night lights and easily help you locate the product. Apart from that, it requires cleaning and change in the cartridge and servicing every 1-3 months.

    Customers have had no complaints in terms of performance even after using it every night for an entire season. The reviews of the customer stand for the good quality and reputation of the company.

    Without saying anything further, we would conclude that Arctos Portable AC is a must-buy product. The quality is worth the price. Get your Arctos AC now by clicking here!


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