Haunted spots in Marysville, Arlington, elsewhere

MARYSVILLE – What better place to search for ghosts than a museum?

With all of the old things collected and on display at the Marysville Museum, surely there must be some ghosts connected to some of them.

And what better time to find them than around Halloween?

The Historical Society wants to take advantage of that opportunity by putting on a Ghost Hunt Fundraiser Oct. 27 from 6 to 11 p.m.

White Noise Paranormal & Fizzy TV plan to make it a haunting experience for anyone who attends. Cost per person for this night of paranormal investigating at this haunted location full of rich history is $30.

The event includes guest speakers, along with snacks and refreshments. One lucky person, if there can be such a thing at Halloween, will win a paranormal investigation starter kit.

Get tickets at the door or pick them up early at the museum on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. or Sundays from noon to 4 p.m.

The event will be at the museum at 6805 Armar Road, along with the historic Gehl House nearby.

For details go to: www.marysvillehistory.org/ or fizzy.tv/wnparanormal/

Online list of haunted places

•Allen Creek Elementary in Marysville – Around midnight, if you walk in the halls of the school you will hear a banging noise saying, “Let me out.”

•Marysville-Pilchuck High School Theater – When you’re in the theatre alone, you can hear things scratching from the inside of the walls. Backstage during school performances, actors have heard strange mumblings. There is a rumor that a girl was killed on stage during a performance after being pushed off a large set piece. She now haunts the theater with no intention of ever leaving. •State Street in Marysville. A dog named Bud got sick one day so his owner got a gun and put him out of his misery. They say if you say his name late at night a little girl appears and says, “Don’t hurt him. He is my dog. Go away.” She stares at you and walks away. •Mirkwood Cafe, Arlington. The former church houses a café and tattoo parlour and is reported to be haunted.

•Old Arlington High School – A man doing maintenance on the auditorium roof fell through and hit his neck on the back of one of the chairs. He broke his neck and died. A cheerleader is also said to have died, and they both can be seen at night walking on the top floor of the school. The maintenance worker can also be seen in the auditorium. There is also said to be a “lost room” underneath the high school. •Eagle Creek in Arlington. Sometimes Native Americans can be seen next to the creek. Also, in a mobile home park, people are known to get lost on one trail and end up miles off. •Old Presidents Elementary in Arlington – In the upstairs floor of the gym building that is condemned you can see a class walking. They wear older fashions. •Fire Trail Road: Legend has it that this road gets its name because when fires broke out in the backwoods this trail led back there where many lives were supposedly lost. Another story about why the trail is haunted is because Native Americans were forced out, and this was the trail to tribal land. Some have reported “Stick Indians” or little men made of sticks with glowing red eyes. Also, local lore claims that the Fire Trail Ghost is the spirit of a man who was driving too fast along the graveled portion of the road. His car went into one of the swamps where he drowned. Some claim that this happened at Cummings Lake, aka Dead Man’s Pond. The Fire Trail Walker is a different spiritual energy. This apparition is seen simply walking alongside the road. Ghost lights have been reported at the crest of a hill along the road. They appear as a glowing ball that disappears after floating for about 30 seconds. The ghost lights are attributed to either the death of a Tulalip chief who uses an ethereal lantern to search for his murderers or the Fire Trail Ghost who roams about trying to warn drivers of the road’s dangers. Motorists have seen someone running next to their vehicles, keeping pace while looking in their windows as they drive 35 to 40 mph up a steep hill. Some say they have seen people sitting in their backseat in the rearview mirror.

Other nearby haunts

•Rucker Mansion, Everett.Reports say Mrs. Rucker leapt to her death from a bedroom window. She has been heard playing the piano.

•Cabbage Patch Restaurant, Snohomish. Staff say the old house used to be home to a family and the spirit is a little girl who fell off the upper staircase and died. •The Oxford Saloon, Snohomish. Legend has it that a policeman named Henry was stabbed to death here while trying to break up a fight. His ghost is said to remain.

•The Rock, Lynnwood. A book keeper at a previous restaurant there was embezzling money in the 1950s. When the restaurant was going out of business she hung herself in the basement. •Edmonds Theatre, Edmonds. Witnesses say a shadowy figure surrounded by a glowing aura appears walking down an aisle.

•Maltby Cemetery, Woodinville. Apparitions of women and children in ragged clothing have been reported, and legend tells of an old underground crypt that was once there. Teens who used the cemetery for a hangout said when you reached the bottom of the stairs don’t turn around.

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