Letters to the Editor

Support the EMS Levy – Prop. 1

Please consider joining me in support of the EMS Levy – Proposition 1. We are so fortunate to have such high caliber and highly trained EMS personnel. The EMS Levy will ensure continued excellent response and service to the city of Arlington and surrounding communities. Our citizens deserve this continued level of quality care.

  • Oct 28, 2010

Vote Yes on Proposition 1

I am writing to encourage the residents of Arlington, Oso and Darrington to join me in voting yes for EMS Proposition 1. This is not a new tax; it is a replacement for the expiring levy.

  • Oct 20, 2010

Emergency Medical Services needed

As the Medical Services Administrator for the city of Arlington Fire Department, I would like to remind our community that an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Levy, Proposition 1, is on the General Election Ballot. This is not a new tax; it is a replacement for the expiring levy.

  • Oct 20, 2010

Vote Yes on Prop. 1

I encourage you to vote Yes for Proposition 1. Approving Proposition 1 will sustain the current Medic One program in Arlington, Silvana, Oso and Darrington. It will also establish a permanent Emergency Medical Service levy not to exceed 50 cents per $,1000 of assessed value to fund 24-hour EMS ser

  • Oct 20, 2010

Support the EMS levy

Very soon the citizens of Arlington will have an opportunity to ensure high level EMS services for years to come. The EMS levy will allow the Arlington Fire Department to continue to deliver highly trained and properly equipped emergency medical personnel literally to the doorsteps of those experiencing acute illness or injury.

  • Oct 20, 2010

EMS saves lives in our community

As fire chief for North County Fire/EMS, I want to remind our community that an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) levy renewal is on their primary… Continue reading

  • Aug 11, 2010

Your local heroes ask for your support

North County Firefighters currently have the privilege of providing emergency medical services to the residents of North County Fire and EMS. Some of the communities… Continue reading

  • Aug 11, 2010

Citizens pay for first class, get no class

“First Class” subsidies on Amtrak are paid by you, if you are a taxpayer. How many of you actually can even take a weekend car… Continue reading

  • Aug 11, 2010

Who elects our Representatives and Senators?

PAC’s and Special Interest Lobbyists spend over $10 million a day per The Examiner (4/29/10) to secure their wishes with Congresspeople.

  • Jul 1, 2010

Thanks to the Marysville Fire District

The Relay for Life keeps on giving even after the event is over. I would like to extend a big thank you to the Marysville Fire Department for their participation in the North Snohomish County Relay.

  • Jul 1, 2010

Sacrifices for the greater good

Thank you for the on-line responses to my letter to the editor about historic Trafton Schoolhouse. I appreciate your points and your cordiality.For the record,… Continue reading

  • Apr 6, 2010

Keep Trafton alive

With 122 years from generation to generation; Here in Arlington, the bell shall ring.

  • Mar 30, 2010

Concern for kids

I am writing to express my sympathies for all those affected by the problem of closing Trafton School in Arlington. It is troublesome for the entire district as well.

  • Mar 30, 2010

Honesty and integrity

Recently I was shopping at the Marysville Walmart store. The young lady ahead of me in the checkstand had purchased some items and then stated… Continue reading

  • Feb 23, 2010

Concern for kids

Thanks to Mr. Graef for his concern with mothers and their hand-held electronic (crack devices) toys. Our precious children have such a short window in… Continue reading

  • Feb 23, 2010

Heartfelt thanks

The members of the Arlington Free Methodist Church and the Missions Committee want to pass on a very heart-felt thanks to all the people who… Continue reading

  • Feb 8, 2010

Budget cuts

“They represent, I believe, the most responsible decisions we could make with the constraints we faced.” These words were in the latest press release of… Continue reading

  • Dec 21, 2009